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This is who my wife says I am:
Dennis publicly shares his story & private life with a sense joy & reckless abandon, because even if at his expense, it may help someone believe they aren’t alone. He places his story & beliefs on the chopping block with the hope that it will inspire & make people consider another point of view. He continues to be a voice for those who deserve to have one but are often disregarded. Dennis is heavily tattooed, not credentialed through the traditional education system, and deeply loves to spend time with people while drinking scotch, beer, or coffee. He is an incredible communicator who can be just as goofy as he can intense, & he just isn’t afraid of the “F” word. As expected this gets him dismissed fairly regularly. But, ones who let him speak into their lives, or can feel that he is “their people” find very quickly that he is a Jesus loving, selfless dreamer, whose unrelenting passion is to facilitate people to encounter God & inspire them to work through the chapters of their story.

And here’s a little bit of my journey from my perspective:
I met religion & became a follower of church at 18 years old, & it’s possible that through all of the “good” I did during that time, that I didn’t actually become a Follower of the Way until I was 28 years old. Ten Years Later I connected with Jesus in a really personal way, full of intimacy with Holy Spirit & I took a long-ass-bath in the pool of grace that has changed the lens I wear to see humanity.

When I journey through my past, I realize that I continually rejected intimacy w/ Holy Spirit because it scared me… That relationship takes religion out of the equation and makes you be accountable to conviction, without the measure of “good & bad or right & wrong”. It became apparent to me that I wasn’t only in denial that I had a log in my eye, but for years I learned how to see past it and just continue to push my opinion, judgment, & scale of right & wrong on those who I interacted with.
It is the truth of a calloused heart.

I’ve had friends tell me that not having a college degree disqualifies me from a life of pastoral service, & that I’m not a “right bible believing Christian” because I believe in affirming all humans toward the love of Jesus.
I obviously disagree, & what those voices don’t always know is how much more those conversations push me into the scriptures & into conversational intimacy with my Creator.
The “why” behind my relentless journey is my deep desire to show grace to all humans, lead faithful disciples to the empty tomb of Jesus, & blur the lines between Christian sects & denominations. You & your story are welcome here, and it is my hope that you leave this page believing that Jesus is calling you to experience His love, so you may live in your fullest potential… not just to “save you from your sins”, which is part but not the whole.

If my story resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you & am inviting you to send an email to


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