As my wife mentions on the GET TO KNOW page, I am driven by an “unrelenting passion to facilitate people to encounter God & inspire them to work through the chapters of their story.” After telling my story thousands of times over the course of five years on the local, national & international level I reached a place of narcissistic burnout, which led to an inevitable break from pursuing my deepest passions. My story is one of hope & perseverance as it involves chapters on abortion, addiction [living with an addict & being one], womanizing, & the death of both parents, as well as, redemption, grace & the freedom that happens when we peel back & share the chapters of our story. The Gospel, often referred to as “the Good News” becomes really really Good News when we become willing to weave the chapters of our story into the chapters of Jesus’ story. As we continue to witness a world that is self-destructing, I believe that the simple, but overwhelming step of vulnerability can change the course of generations. I long to share chapters of my story with you.

Have me speak at your event or service by completing the contact form, or email me personally at Holler@DennisGable.com



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