Are We Trying To Mask It With Love?

Faith – Hope – Love & the greatest is love

There aren’t many people I’ve met who would disagree that the greatest asset we have is our love for one another, and yet, we are actually destroying ourselves with ease.

As a man who has made a very conscious decision to live in relationship, with who I believe to be the creator, my ideals of love have specific meaning.


Our history provides many proverbs regarding the outcome of our actions, one in particular provides imagery around the bearing of fruit. Every interaction leaves a little something behind, like branches & vines that leave fruit. This imagery has many implications which allegorically connect to us as humans, such as: the soil, the roots, the strength of the tree/vine, the impact of the weather, & ultimately the quality of the fruit that is produced.

& the greatest is love.
The fruit that true love produces cannot be replicated. It is impossible to make a rotten fruit taste as enjoyable as a perfectly healthy & ripe fruit… The allegory continues.

The point is this: we are unable to operate in judgment, condemnation, pretension, selfishness or self-righteousness & put a mask of love over it. It’s like placing the skin of a healthy apple over top of an apple that is rotten to the core & expecting the person to continue to be fooled upon taking a bite of the apple. We do a great job at masking, but the truth always lies beneath the surface & every once in a while the skin & the core align producing ridiculously good fruit.

Caveat: Correction.
I am able to rightfully to correct & even discipline my child in love, because I care about their long term existence as an adult in the world. This is my child. I don’t correct or discipline my wife the same way I do my children… & I love my wife more than I do my children. However, Jenna & I are able to bring things to another in away that might be hard to hear & harder to correct in a single instance, but we have grace for one another because we are both in pursuit of being the best version of ourselves. Correction & discipline are unable to be done in love without an intimate, personal relationship as the foundation at which you’re operating, primarily because you can’t have enough context to do either without the element of relationship.

Love is not a word.
Love is not a mask.
Love is not an idea.
Love is not an intention.
Love is actually the greatest gift we’re able to give & receive, cherish it.



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