Get It While You’re Young!

When I was 22 years old, my dad, who was still a struggling heroin addict at the age of 50, said these words to me, “The man you are today is the same man you’ll be when you’re 50… unless you do something about it”.

My ol’ man didn’t have many moments of vulnerability, but with tears in his eyes he told his bone-head, arrogant son, that he regretted not putting in the work early and at some level it was too late to start.

Dennis Alan Gable Sr. died at 55 from a stroke because his body couldn’t sustain any attempt to surgically revive him.

When my dad had this conversation with me, all things considered of course, I was a self-righteous prick who was accustomed to hiding my sin behind the fingers I was pointing. In that one very particular moment in time, my name-sake saw something in me that I didn’t have the perspective or foresight to see at that time. The thing he was able to see that so many others weren’t was the mask[s] I wore in order to cover up the insecurities & fears I carried with me into my interactions & relationships.

There are many things we’re told to get while we’re young: As much sex as possible, a hall pass to party any day of the week, & as much money as you can fill your piggy bank with… just to name a few. It is unfortunate that we’re not being encouraged to pursue intentionality, vulnerability, self control, and integrity while we’re young. The truth is, it is insanely hard to work towards those traits the older we get, while sex, money & partying are always an easy default to settle in.

Some say age is just a number, and if that’s the notion that we’re going to operate from, then each and every one of us has an opportunity to get it while we’re young!

Let’s get it! Together, bonded in the pursuit of self-preservation & self-love, may we commit to bettering ourselves, so that we can assist as those around us want to join in on the fun.

Remember these words, “The [wo]man you are today is the same [wo]man you’ll be when you’re 50… unless you do something about it” – Dennis Sr.



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