I Know You Don’t Want To

The weight of sharing our entire story is often too heavy of a burden, so we are providing a platform to share 1 chapter at a

Let’s be honest, being vulnerable with anyone is enough to turn your pores into water faucets, isn’t it?

Let’s play a game:

  • Out of the blue you call your parent[s] and starting telling them about your firsts… Not first steps and first words, first time being drunk, first time having sex, maybe your first time doing drugs or choosing to harm yourself.
  • Think about standing up in a crowd of married couples and you have to share the hard parts of your marriage in front of everyone.
  • One last scenario: your pastor pulls you aside and asks you about the last time you watched porn, or read a romance novel to ignite your sexual fantasy, and he/she expects full disclosure.

Most of you are sweating & some of you want to throw up because somehow this feels like I know something about your life that I don’t actually know. Any one of these scenarios can be emotionally paralyzing, and in the moment it would feel more safe and self-preserving to not hang your dirty laundry out to dry. Although I know you don’t want to, and initially you may even think I’m lying, I assure you that stepping over the line of vulnerability is you fighting the fight for freedom. Freedom is possible. Personal transparency is a gateway drug to emotional liberation. This is why we’ve developed VLNRABLE, which is on schedule for a mid-summer launch in the App Store. You don’t need an app to be vulnerable, and you’re able to start this process at anytime, which is what I’m encouraging… start today. We believe that no matter how you embark on the journey you’re able to see incremental increase in your overall emotional state, joy and optimism will be tangible, & improvements in the depth of your relationships!

You may not know us personally, but you have a community of people who are putting ourselves out there for the sake of vulnerability, each and every day.


“One of the greatest puzzles in life is figuring out the balance between our desire to be known and our fear of letting others in.” 


Whatchya Think?

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