Silence Transforms Us

There is a certain level of silence that erodes us from the inside out.
Silence transforms sweet, innocent children into angry, insecure, addicted, crazed adults. We learned that silence is easier from the first moment that one or both of our parents [guardians] shamed us because they were overwhelmed by their own adult issues, or the consistent succumbing to peer pressure. These experiences have slowly disfigured us emotionally and relationally… Can you relate?
Our stories are made up of chapters written on onion layers, pages that make us cry just by opening them up, pages that must be peeled away and shared. If the contents of our story lead us to consistently treat ourselves or others with a lack of compassion, love, empathy or grace then I would encourage you to simply write one chapter at a time. I used to believe that it was necessary to share your entire story, but that was because I’m comfortable sharing mine, what is far more important is allowing chapters that are resolved to stay resolved and being vulnerable enough to write the chapters that are full of scars, shame, guilt, secrets, insecurities, or pride.

Please know that it is ok to be ok, but if you’re not, be bold today, open your book and resolve a necessary chapter so you can close it and move on to the next one.

We believe in you and stand beside you.


Whatchya Think?

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