The Harvest is Plenty But There is a Riot in the Field

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few, because there are too many onlookers critiquing those who are working.

The odd paradigm is that I don’t think there are a lack of bodies; there is clearly a large community of individuals who are identifying themselves as Christians. It is what these bodies are doing that is hard to understand. To use a sports analogy, it’s as if we are all on the same team [choose your favorite team sport] and instead of rooting one another on, celebrating the victories, and working together to win the prize, we are screaming insults and corrections from the sidelines.

If you’d sit back and observe, it is not hard to see that our level of internal competition is quite ignorant. It is more important to us that we point out the sin of a brother/sister, prove someone else’s heresy or input our right interpretation of the bible. When we should be encouraging one another through our struggles and temptations, rejoice in each other’s rejoicing, and embrace enough of the mystery that we stop acting like we have answers for every question.

It is with a great deal of regret that I am able to admit my fear of what my fellow disciples will say. Even today, while leading a small group of people out of my living room, I am questioned, doubted and criticized, but why? We are facilitating a place where people can experience Jesus with a sense of comfort and familiarity. I have met and continue to meet folks who either have been so injured by their respective churches, or just simply don’t feel comfortable or relatable in larger congregations of people, we are simply providing an alternative way to step into God’s presence.

Our home church is no better than a mega church, it is just different. Liberation:Gathering is our attempt at digging our hands in the dirt, our stepping into the fields and working through the harvest. And although I don’t have a Masters in Divinity or any degree for that matter, we are not under a denominational backing, we were not planted or “sent out” by a specific church, we don’t have or a board, we haven’t had planning meetings… we are just doing it. And we are doing it because God put a call on my heart and people in my path and at this phase in my pursuit as a church planter I am grateful that our willingness to step into God’s presence is contagious, as we could only pray it would be.

Can we please get past our denominational and theological ideals that push us to ask the question, “are they doing church right“. There is a bountiful harvest, and we are no longer short on workers; we have enough bodies to really make an impact in our work. But, instead we’re rioting in the fields and trampling all over the incredibly ripe crops that are begging us to handle them with grace.

“for the good of man, to the glory of God”


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