What is Paradise?

He said, “Don’t worry, I will. Today you will join me in paradise.
What exactly did He mean when he told the crook that they would be together in “paradise” later that very day?

The truth is that we can merely speculate as to how that man’s eternity has gone. But, we all make assumptions don’t we? Each one of us has some ideal of what eternity looks like, not only for us but also for the crook who had the privilege of hanging next to Jesus on Golgatha.

When we die, where do we go?
The traditional Catholic church believes that our physical body dies and our spirit goes to a waiting room called Purgatory.
Evangelicals and other modern Christian denominations would claim that we not only go to, but that we should strive for Heaven.
Lastly, there is a progressive point of view which believes that heaven is not yet finished and will be established eternally on earth upon the return of Jesus, but until then it is just mystery.

Using Heaven as the example, what if we don’t go to Heaven when we die? What if heaven doesn’t actually exist yet? What if our life should be spent bringing heaven to earth, not necessarily fighting and judging our way to a place that doesn’t exist? What if the earth in which we inhabit is not only our earthly home, but also our eternal home?

Can your answer to these questions make you be viewed as a heretic? Or worse, can a brother or sister assume that you’re view on heaven determines your entry, regardless of your devotion to and faith in Jesus?

Be bold and honest with your reading of the scriptures and ensure that you’re a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ above all things, especially your theology.

– Dennis Gable


3 thoughts on “What is Paradise?

  1. I am glad you finally decided to put this up. I think your content here is good. The point is that everyone speculates…right? So even your premise for this blog about Heaven is a speculation…none of us will actually know what it is or like or when we get there until we actually pass away.

    I like the questions that you asked and making people think. What do you think bring heaven here looks like? Practically?

    Much love

    • That is a very broad question, which could provide a weird set of answers depending on who is providing the answers. I am going to try and provide an objective answer… if that’s possible – It looks like showing the same grace that Jesus provided, a grace that says, “I am not concerned with where you’ve been, but where your heart longs to be and where you can go”. It looks like being nice, to basically everyone, because we have an understanding that all of us are going through something. It means setting aside our “interpretation” of a secondary issue and really communing on the idea that we have experienced Jesus, whether Mennonite, Charismatic, Baptist or Evangelical. And one last thing would be that we actually start to see one another and interact as if we are different parts of the same body… with different functions, gifts, passions, etc. and encouraging the movement of each part.

      Love ya, my friend

  2. Man, I love your heart and this post shows exactly what your heart is all about. For obvious reasons, as you and I have talked about, your presence in OKC was used to get me kick-started back into the faith, so I’ll always hold that dear.

    I agree with you. In all of my reading and research, throughout the OT and NT, God has always been concerned with His people bringing the Kingdom to earth via a theocratic system. Today, Christians are no different. Exodus and Deuteronomy definitely show God’s concerned for the less fortunate. Ephesians 2:8-10 and James 2 express it. Matthew 26:11 and Mark 14:7 definitely shows Jesus concerned with it! There are many other scriptures that point to God desiring people to care for people.

    Awesome post, my friend!

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