7 Questions You’ve Had About Liberation:Gathering

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Why don’t you use the words “christian” or “church” when talking about Liberation:Gathering? To most people, semantics, much like perception are their reality and there are two words that we shouldn’t defend. Christian, which has massive cultural connotations, is not necessarily what we are called to become or help people become either. We are transformed to be and told to go out and make “Disciples”.  Church, which is primarily a place where Christians come together to get out of “the world” in order to “be fed” or “get filled up”, but we try desperately to say things like, “the church isn’t a building, it’s the people”. If that is true, then no one should care that we are choosing to call what we do a Gathering of Disciples rather than a Christian Church.

Will there be an offering? Yes. We believe that God has asked us to give cheerfully from all of our resources, time, money, skills, passion, etc to the greater good of humanity and glory to God. Any money offered to this expression of people seeking God will be used to support local needs, which will be presented and chosen as a community. If the time comes when Liberation:Gathering needs more space, we will revisit this topic.

What is your theological foundation?  Theology is defined as “the study of the nature of God and religious belief” and therefore my “Theological Foundation” is on going. I personally lean towards a Free Grace theological view, however, would not claim that as my primary lens in which I see the world.

Do you have accountability?  Yes. I was personally released and sent out by G42 [The 42nd Generation] and have multiple layers of personal accountability. There are more than 12 men that have full right to speak into my life at any moment, on any issue. 3 of these men are pastoral to me and I follow them as they follow Christ. The others are deep rooted relationships with men that I trust and have earned their trust.

Are you under a denomination? No. It is not an option that is off the table, however, we feel confident in our accountability and the vision God has given.

Where did you study? I received a certificate of completion from G42 Leadership Academy in Mijas Spain

How do you view the bible? The bible is multiple books and letters compiled to speak to the major story of God. We view it as such and believe that it must be read in light of it’s literary style and cultural significance in order to make sense as a “book”. In terms of revealing truth and measuring the character of humanity, there is no greater mend of natural and supernatural [besides Jesus of course].

If you’d like to join us, please sign up for the email list as it is the only way we’re communicating certain details.


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