The Official Announcement of Liberation Gathering

Most of the time I am not a huge fan of the “seasons” analogy we use when going through a particular stream of life, however, in this case it seems appropriate. The dead leaves are falling in order to sprout and grow new, living extensions of the tree. So much is changing that I can’t even share it here, however, what I can share is that after months of listening to the Lord and talking it out with the Mrs. we are going to begin gathering at our house.

Liberation Church

Liberation Gathering

Liberation Gathering will begin meeting at 5:00pm on February 22, 2014 at our house [email for details] and we will meet every other Saturday from the 22nd forward. Each gathering will start with a potluck dinner where we all pitch in [unless resources are tight, then just come enjoy] and time to share life. Without turning this post into the official doctrinal statement, I can tell you we will be doing things as we believe Jesus would have us do them [which doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be doing things the “right way”, we’re just going to be obedient to our call and playing our role as a part of the body]. 


  • Preach an overall message of freedom through the grace of Jesus.
  • Share good food and good drink.
  • Partake in the memorial act of communion.
  • Worship God through song.
  • Pray for one another with the belief that God is bigger than our pasts, our pains and our present.
  • Give our resources to one another and our community.
  • Continue to attend other churches to ensure we don’t become secluded.
  • Trust the role and intimate engagement of Holy Spirit to accompany the bible as the Living Word of God.
  • Mess up at least twice and have to apologize for something.
  • Believe if Jesus wants us then he definitely wants you too.
  • Vow to take the gospel seriously but not ourselves.

If you’re ever hated church, wondered why you didn’t feel comfortable at church, felt displaced by church, or are just interested in joining us for a new adventure, we would be absolutely elated if you’d join us.

I’ve written and deleted this post at least 3 times over the last month because this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done… Welp, Big Gulps, huh?



2 thoughts on “The Official Announcement of Liberation Gathering

    • Hello Andrew!
      Thanks for your comment! Feel free to pray for whatever the Spirit may lead… I have so many things we need prayer for! 🙂 One thing specific may be peace and communication between my wife and I as we are opening our house for this adventure. If you have any questions, or wanna shoot ideas off of someone, feel free to email HOLLER@DENNISGABLE.COM

      Peace & Joy

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