How are you keeping up?

Yesterday was a pretty hard day in the Gable house. Jenna and I are both creative, but she is realistically creative and detail oriented, where I am obscurely creative and not always able to express how I plan to make something work. We decided that rather than buying a desk we would just build one, no problem, right? [I am literally LOLing].  Anyway, we purchased the materials necessary and after a few hours of not seeing eye to eye we decided to just get over it and hangout on the couch and watch a movie. I don’t remember the last time that we watched a movie with neither one of us looking at our phones, but somehow we both choose to be in that moment and rest a little.

The Joneses

The movie we sat down to watch was The Joneses, which is a very interesting movie and one I suggest everyone watch. As most things, I watched this movie through the lens of “what can I learn and how does this apply?” The movie depicts this incredibly real insight into the hearts of humanity from multiple angles; it is almost uncomfortably accurate.

One of the things about Jenna that I am most thankful for is her frugalness [I know that’s not a real word], and her lack of care for what other people have… I am not as content in what I have as she is, and the Lord has used her as a mighty tool in my life to disconnect my concern from what I have and what people think of me. Working in “corporate America” I see hundreds of people everyday who breath deep the recycled air do anything necessary to acquire enough dollars to buy what someone else has already purchased.

Please take a couple of hours and watch this movie, but watch it with a lens of introspection and self-analysis and ask yourself these few questions:

  • Am I trying to be the man/woman I actually want to be?
  • How much do I care what other people think of how I dress/what I have?
  • Why do I care?
  •  What must I offer up to Christ so that I may be free from the rat race?

I write this because I know freedom is possible and I believe the promised satisfaction from the acquisition of stuff is a lie from hell!



6 thoughts on “How are you keeping up?

  1. We are the same couple. Lindsey is crazy frugal and totally okay with it….me….not so much. But I am learning from her daily. Thankful that we are blessed with beautiful and smart wives! We outdid ourselves, sir!

  2. I do think this also applies to the small and large “c” church. We seem to care much more about our trendiness and personality than we do the actual mission. The church burns a lot of calories with developing and maintaining image. I saw a pastor interview with a celebrity talk show host. It was a great interview, but the pastor was dressed in leathers, chains, tats—and the interviewer was quite taken with his appearance. My thought was that we could quite possibly see a large increase of pastors start changing their appearance to match this guy all BECAUSE this guy has a LARGE congregation. We have more faith in how it looks than how it is. Honestly… it wears me out.

    Jesus help us.

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