Grace > Theology


Living a life that believes and extends an absurd amount of grace is more beneficial, healthy and holy than having a concrete grasp of any particular theological doctrine.

If you can explain the grace you extend through your theology, I recommend flipping that on its head and letting your theology be dictated by the grace you’ve received and are able to give away…



6 thoughts on “Grace > Theology

  1. This person believes in Free Grace theology. This person believes that theology is important because it is a way to help us better understand God. And this person also believes that it is my duty as a Christian to extend grace to everyone, regardless if I disagree with their lifestyle. For some reason I feel like you think it is theology that makes poor judgements on people…but it isn’t. Sinful people make poor judgements on people, not theology.

    • I’m with you. And I love the journey we’ve been on with grace and theology over the last few years! I just don’t buy that any one theological view point is worth holding on to in its totality, not even “Free Grace”. There is a melting pot of theological truth and I think that’s where the good stuff is.
      Love ya

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