You Gotta Work Work

My least favorite questions to be asked are the ones around my birthday that revolve around the idea that I should magically feel older because my birthday has arrived. Similarly I hate being asked if I have any resolutions when approaching a new year. Of course I have resolutions… but they have nothing to do with what the calendar says. Just like feeling older does not directly correlate with my birthday. I’m 31, so naturally I feel a bit older than I did when I was 25, but not because I’ve had 6 birthdays, because I live life with some intensity.


As we roll into 2014, don’t expect some unwarranted measure of fortitude to go and do all of the things you procrastinated in 2013. You gotta work work!

This week Jenna and I put our new place together; we painted walls, cleaned, hung and positioned various decorations and our go to phrase this weekend was, “you gotta work work”. A line from Britney Spears’, “Work Bi**h”. We were relentless on our house because we had invited some family to enjoy our home for lunch yesterday. We’ve been in the house for a couple weeks now and we got more done in 72 hours than we did over the span of days prior. Our New Year resolution wasn’t to have a clean, orderly house; the work got done because there was now a sense of urgency to accomplish this task.

It is likely that many of us won’t do a damn thing differently in 2014, which for some is residual from many years in the same rut and routine. My hope is that most of us do some things differently moving forward, not because it’s a new year, but because we’ve resolved to become a better version of ourselves. Work harder. Eat Healthier. Dream Bigger. Love more sincerely. Get more fit. Read more. Pray constantly. Write/create daily. Whatever the vision is that you have for your future, you gotta work work. There is no magic switch that you can flip to automatically be 5x more badass than you were yesterday, last week or last year; it takes vision, then drive [or they why], and then you gotta work work!

There are 3 very simple words that in one way or another are the governors for our future.

  • Vision [What am I going after?]
  • Drive [Why is this important to me?]
  • Work [How badly do I want this to be real?]

As a crazy, hyper-visionary I struggle with too much vision, mediocre drive and not enough dedicated work on any one vision, which is a bad combination. Over the last few months I have been trying to decrease my visionary output so I can focus on the things that burden my heart the most, which will allow me to have a more intense drive to pursue those things, and that drive gives me the ability to turn off the excuses and do work work. It would be a lie to say that I  have a resolution because it is a new year, because I have been thinking about and working on this for months… So, instead I’ll say, I’m a year older and another page on the calendar has been flipped, which means my end is closer than it has ever been… It is this reality that reminds me of the hurting people in this world who desperately need hope, and not just motivational poster kind of hope, true, unchanging, everlasting hope… Eternal hope. Hope that is only found through intimacy with the Trinity. And it’s for this reason that I gotta work work.

Today I encourage you to find your something and do something about it! Seek to become the best version of yourself that the world has ever seen. For the benefit of yourself, for the good of the people who need you to encourage and inspire them & to the glory of God – This is your time for Vision. Drive & Work!



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