Are You Taking Life On A Journey?


*Disclaimer: every word of this post is written w/ a general understanding that God is our primary source of direction, and therefore I am not suggesting that we fully take our lives into our own hands. However, we do whatever we want, I just pray that you want what He wants.

Last week I posted an entry titled: Are You Dreaming Enough? In that post I mentioned that I wanted to elaborate on the idea of writing out and living according to your ‘Life’s Mission’, which for the remainder of this post will be referred to as you Life’s Journey. As we dive in, please understand that to be so specific about going in one direction, is a relatively new journey for me . Seeing as I have lived most of my adult life in search of ‘that thing’ I could find success or notoriety in, I have spent years spinning my wheels in desperation trying to get somewhere I had never defined. The two most prominent things I have learned in this process of being honest about who I am and defining where I want to go: 1. Life should be lived out of desire, rather than desperation. 2. Exert your time and energy on people, tasks and goals that align with direction of your journey.

So, are you taking life on a journey?

In thinking about this question I was able to draw 6 questions from my experiences that have guided me and I hope are able to guide you into a more specific understanding of who you are and where you are headed.

6 necessary questions to answer when planning your journey:

  • What breaks my heart?
  • What am I good at?
  • What is important to me?
  • What am I willing to risk?
  • Who should I surround myself with?
  • What am I doing about it?

Below is my journey. I choose to write mine in story form, but fully encourage you to be free with the formatting; it doesn’t matter how you write it as long as you honestly consider & answer each question.

Since I was in my late teens I have had a bleeding heart for people and a desire to see them find true joy, hope and freedom. Through some trial and error I have found that my primary way to be a benefit for people around me is to first be an example of the life I am encouraging, and second to rest in the truth that I am a communicator down to the core of my being. Whether visual, verbal or written communication I have been gifted in presenting challenging ideas and encouragement. As a husband and a father I have to be very mindful of how I utilize this gift that it does not consume my time or lead me to being neglectful to the most important people in my life. However, there is always a sacrifice attached to pursuing ‘the right thing’ and at some point that sacrifice may be time away if given the opportunity to share my gifts out of the state. My family and I are ready to accept that risk and weigh it’s affect on our family when we reach that place. There are tangible skills and abilities that are natural compliments to my gifting that I need in order to be successful, and that is where building a network is very important to me; Assembling a group of men and women who know where they’re strong and where they aren’t and having people around to pick up the slack. In my day-to-day I am continuing to write and prepare the platform, while reaching out to a growing community of creatives and mentors who assist me in the refining process so I have the opportunity to present the best version of myself to my audience as it grows.  –  +DG+



4 thoughts on “Are You Taking Life On A Journey?

  1. I’m either going to have to start ignoring your posts or actually doing something about the craziness they cause me. They always give me so much that has to ruminate and sink in. I’m so thankful to call you my friend and I am looking forward to this next step that God has for both of us in ministry.

    You rock, DG.

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