Are We All A Little Gay?

Over the course of the last few weeks I have been throwing out some questions and opinions regarding our response [as Christians] to the gay community.

Ultimately the question we need to be asking ourselves is, am I a Christian, or am I a disciple? I realize that there may be some confusion to this question as they theoretically should be synonymous; however, our world and our church are both proof that being a “Christian” and being a “Disciple” are not the same for some.

The questions we should be asking ourselves when interacting with a subculture that is different than ours or makes us feel uncomfortable are:

  • Am I extending Grace?
  • Do I want to be judged the way I’m judging them?
  • Did Christ live, die and conquer death for them?
  • What is wrong with me that I don’t love them?

Many times it is the guilt, shame, or fear that we feel that causes us to treat someone else horribly… So, for the Christian man, the fear of enjoying an interaction with a gay man is more likely to cause him to be condemning and rude than it is accepting. For the conservative mom, she is more likely to turn against anyone with tattoos in fear that her child may some day want them, and therefore creates a stigma that they are evil.

Does this make sense, or am I going crazy?

My wife makes fun of me because I’m more likely to check out a good-looking dude when we’re out than I am an attractive woman. She jokes that she wouldn’t be surprised if I “came out” someday. Little does she know… just kidding. But, there are some dudes that are really attractive, and from my perspective I admire beauty whether male or female. For instance, if a dudes butt looks good in a pair of jeans, I’m not actually interested in his butt, I wanna know what kind of jeans he’s wearing because I want my butt to look good too!

I think you get it, but just for clarification, I am not actually suggesting that everyone is gay, I’m simply iterating that truth that we all sin and are all sinful.

At some level, whether homosexuality, gluttony, sexual addiction, vanity, self-deprecation, a hunger for money or whatever your “thing” may be, we’re all seeking repentance. We’re all amidst sanctification. We’re all in desperate need of freedom through the Gospel and a pursuit of Christ-likeness.

Humanity is inherently sinful and we “struggle” refrain, not the other way around.
Being gay is a sin.
Falling in love with money is a sin.
Etc… But no sinful action can or should keep us from an opportunity to worship our God and only hope together, corporately, in unity.


May we hold-fast to Peter’s words: Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 


2 thoughts on “Are We All A Little Gay?

  1. It’s so difficult to minister and love a community of people that know you believe their lifestyle to be a sin. Defining sin has always been so ambiguous to culture. The connotation is critical, as it should be, but the depth is misconstrued. Empathy here seems important seeing that we are all sinners, but I’m not sure the gay community would readily offer that up. Thoughts?

    • It is difficult for anyone to admit that “what they do” is “sinful”… And I don’t use the word sin as a synonymous gesture with evil or wickedness, simply different than was initially designed. These lines are blurry as to how to show grace, be honest, and love well without trying to offend… I know from experience that it’s impossible.

      Thanks for your interaction

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