If Support Could Save…

Having experienced two major losses in my life, I understand the frustration of God choosing not to heal.

And it is extremely frustrating!
Maybe frustrating isn’t the right word to use… Confusing? Infuriating?

Prayer, faith, community, and doing all we know how to do in order to try and go through just the right set of motions… in hopes that we would move God enough emotionally that He would heal our loved one[s].

Somehow as Christians, we have broken every ounce of freedom and trust into a system, making our pursuit of life neither free, nor very trusting. And Of course I say this as a strong, harsh generalization… one that I think is mostly true.

Amidst our ignorant attempts to sway God, or even our Holy attempts to glorify Him, we have pure hearts, right? When my mom was deteriorating from a cancer that started in her lungs and spread to her adrenal gland, I didn’t stop praying for her.

We should never stop praying.

Prayer for healing, comfort, Gods glory, and faith to continue pursuing God, even when He doesn’t do what we want.

In my experience of pain and illness, it is always amazing to me the incredible amount of love and support that is shown through these hard times. I mean, everyone seems to show love and support in one way or another. I was laying in bed the other morning thinking about a good man who is fighting one hell of a battle, his wife, their two beautiful children, and I thought,

“What if support could save a life?”

Ah, how glorious a thought to think that the Gray family wouldn’t have to feel this pain because of the hundreds [probably closer to thousands] of people who are praying alongside of them and reaching for hope together.

Even in the reality of life and death, we hold fast hope that God, the creator and sustainer of all also knows all, and loves us more than any experience of pain we may feel.

Please pray for the Gray family.
Although the numbers that support them can’t heal, bring ultimate comfort, or peace, we believe in a God who is able, and if He chooses to not heal physically, He promises to heal emotionally.

Father, we trust you, even though we don’t understand you. Give us faith to sustain our hearts. Bring peace amidst the pain. Let our hearts allow You to love us.


One thought on “If Support Could Save…

  1. Thank you Dennis. Words in the right order is a gift truly given to you by Christ. I’ve been blessed to call you my friend. I’ll keep sharing this with people and rereading it to help me get through these hard times.

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