Labels Lie!

Close-minded Christian.
Pepperoni face.

One or more of these words should have probably offended you…

But, the truth is, at some point, every human has the capability to be a gigantic ass-hole to another human being, and if I could make an absolute statement, we all have been.

We have been the one who started a rumor, placed a label on an undeserving peer, judged someone based on their gender or race, you have done at least one of these things throughout your life, and so have I.

I still feel the insecurities from the things that I’ve been called throughout my childhood, teen years, and even the life I live as an adult:
GAYble [my last name is Gable]
Male slut
Pretty boy

Never will I forget one of the most ignorant conversations I’ve ever had… a conversation where both myself and a youth pastor placed labels and judgement, however, only one of us was willing to accept the actual human on the other side of this conversation…
The short version of this story goes a little something like this:
I was scheduled to speak at a Christian youth camp, until one of the attending youth pastor’s decided to Facebook stalk me… what he found was a plethora of pictures of me consumed in community, wonderful moments that brought glory to God and joy to man. However, what he saw was a “rebellious” kid who has tattoo’s and drinks beer…
Immediately he labeled me as being someone who, “represents evil”, who “looks like the musicians, actors/actresses, and VJ’s on MTV”… Apparently the identity that he correlated with my appearance is one of rebellion [against God], but this man didn’t know ME, and now won’t, because he closed me off from his opinion of acceptable.

I have had to learn the hard way that LABELS LIE, and my guess is that you have had to learn the hard way as well! My confusion always lies in the idea of personal experience… if we [as humans] understand the pain that comes from being judged and labeled, then why do we continue to project that pain onto other people??

Let me clarify a few things for you, in the scope of my opinion…
God does not hate men or women who live a homosexual lifestyle.
Being white does not make myself or anyone more qualified for a job, or social acceptance.
Women have far more to offer than sexual pleasure.
Experiencing pain, sadness and insecurity does not make you depressed.
Jesus was/is the most open-minded, accepting, counter cultural man to ever live… and he wasn’t white.
A humans worth is not at all measurable by their physical appearance on either side of the spectrum that you would personal consider “attractive”

You can personally relate to the pain that is felt when someone else places a label or multiple labels on you… Let me ask you to take into consideration to not place labels on others, even though those same people may continue to place a label on you!

I ask this based on the reality of one man… Jesus saw no labels, he saw hearts. He judges based on intention, not action. He is more wildly accepting and “rebellious” than those in and out of the church are comfortable admitting… And yet, rather than the humanity that he gave his entire life for [both in daily selflessness and also in death] taking the time to get to know HIM, they have labeled him “the church”, call him conservative, labeled him as close-minded, and listen to rumors and lies, continuing to make assumptions about his identity.

You don’t like to be identified by an unfair label, and it isn’t fair to identify the man who can show you the truest experience of Love that you could ever fathom…


Pop Culture Jesus

Historical Jesus

Judgmental Jesus

European Jesus





This is my first in a series of posts that will hopefully radically challenge the way you view, and talk about fellow humanity…


4 thoughts on “Labels Lie!

  1. I’ve never seen your blog before, but wanted to take a second to say thanks for this post. Well said, and very important message! Thanks!

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