Everyone is Texting Someone

Remember this? Unless you were a teenager in the late 90’s then you probably don’t… 

This colorful retro device is the Nokia 5110, it had interchangeable face-plates, the OG cell phone game, ‘Snake’, and most importantly, the 5110 had text messaging!

Text messaging… for some of you, you don’t even know a life without it, and for others, it has completely revolutionized the way you communicate with the culture around you! When I first got my 5110 and found out that I had text messaging I was like, “wait… I can communicate on my terms, without having to see or speak to someone? Perfect!” It has in some ways controlled my life ever since.

This communicative revolution took place in 1998, when I was a Junior in high school and just learning how manipulative I could actually be. Another life altering tool was ‘AIM’, otherwise known as AOL Instant Messaging… I’ll never forget the first time that digital, non-personal communication in a chatroom turned into a make-out session with a complete stranger…

It was after school one day during my Senior year, and I jumped into an AIM chatroom and started asking “ASL?”, which means “Age, Sex, Location?”. This was the cat-call of chatting online… This one day in particular, digital, non-verbal communication played well into my favor. A fellow chatroom participant replied to my cat-call w/, “16/F/Avondale”. I quickly asked where in Avondale she lived and she replied, “Garden Lakes”, which just-so-happened to be the sub-division I was in at the time. So, I told her that I was also in Garden Lakes, we began chatting, exchanged a picture, “flirted”, and then I asked her if I could come over… She told me what street she lived on, and we were literally on different ends of the same street! I asked her for her address and cell number so I could call when I was outside, and she freely gave all necessary information for this adventure to take place. With the quickness I logged off of AIM, told my friends I would be back and started walking. On my way to this complete strangers house, I was texting her [or at least I was hoping it was a her], and when I was approaching her house she was standing outside waiting to see if I was actually who I said I was.

*p.s. this story is completely true… 

We met awkwardly in her front yard… she took a step closer and opened her arms for a hug, so I accepted her embrace and mid hug she said, “so, would you like to come in?” Responding to my answer, she grabbed my hand and led me inside. As soon as the door shut, our adventure began… Without ever speaking, I was able to meet, exchange facts, get directions, show up at her front door, and experience far more of her sexuality than I deserved…


This moment, and others like it have encouraged a life that embraces the times when I can have interaction w/ a woman and not have to invest anything emotionally… Moments, where the odds of me getting what I want are worth betting on in Vegas. It is not just I who lives this way, it large majority of American culture, which has embraced the comfort of faceless, voiceless, emotionless communication, if for no other reason than to simply fill the passing of time. It seems that in 2011, everyone is texting someone.From innocent communication and conversation, to the complete other extreme, infidelity, I believe it is fair to say that we have a problem with our personal and relational security…

results from a google search

This is something that I have pondered on for a long time, and truthfully an issue that I didn’t want to face; 12 years of my life have been spent feeding my insecurities and desires this way… that’s a lot of years to undo and truthfully, it really just feels normal amidst our culture.

What would your life look like if you didn’t have multiple people in your text queue? If you didn’t have a number of men or women at your “disposal”? If you actually had to emotionally connect w/ those who you communicated with by either speaking with real voices, dedicating time in one another’s lives and/or pursuing relationships/friendships in the physical world rather than behind a screen?

Recently, I have heard the voice of the Lord instruct me to empty my queue, so I won’t have to play clean-up when I meet or begin communicating with the woman who will be my wife, instead, I will be completely free to pursue, and for once, my conscience will be clear. I know in my life I have had to do some extensive clean up at different times, and that is equally as exhausting as opening myself up to someone emotionally… Rather than complication and stress, let’s fight for freedom, security and wholeness!


One thought on “Everyone is Texting Someone

  1. I’ve been pondering quitting Facebook lately. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t miss it. I guess I’m not ready to dismiss it as a way to be spoken to by the Lord or speak to someone else. I share the past with you where I would queue people up to use them. The flesh is a horrific thing when it runs wild!

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