Never Beyond

I, Dennis Gable, am a person of the second chance. Because of the experiences that I have had in receiving radical grace, I also try to live in a way that extends a similar intensity of grace and second chances. Recently, I have become a grassroots member of an organization called People of the Second Chance [POTSC] and am really loving being a spokesperson for grace through their platform! POTSC is currently doing a social media movement called ‘Never Beyond’ where they feature a certain public face that may be hard to forgive. We are on our fourth week of the campaign and faces such as Casey Anthony, Mike Tyson, and a Klu Klux Klan mask have been featured images.

A lot of thought has gone into this campaign for me…

Do some people actually deserve another chance, whether it be their second or seventy second? I mean, beyond simply trying to make a statement, by saying I would forgive someone who I have never met, do I actually believe that all of humanity is deserving of a second chance?

My answer to this question is, yes… I do believe that all of humanity is deserving of a clean slate, no matter how many times that very slate is thrown in the mud. The dichotomy of this statement for me is that I only believe we deserve this second chance, because we actually don’t deserve the gift of grace that the Creator of all things is willing to bestow on us!

We deserve to work, and toil in our own misery to try and be the best version of ourselves that we can be… we deserve to have to earn our way into a place of salvation, but, God in his mysterious wisdom says that we deserve to simply be ourselves in pursuit of His son, Jesus.

In my recent thoughts about grace and second chances, I’ve wondered how many of us think that we deserve this extension of grace, but that person doesn’t? Which, is where I believe the Never Beyond campaign is so powerful, because it forces us to think past our own actions into the lives, hearts, and motives of others.

There is one person who keeps coming to my mind, however, that more often than not seems to get denied his second chance… That man is


Throughout my adventures with humanity, I have had the opportunity to listen to numerous stories about people’s faith, pain, sexuality, insecurity, fear, etc… and I always wonder how Jesus, of all people get the middle finger in so many of these stories? The most gracious, selfless, normal, and worthy man to ever follow is often kicked in the face, ignored, and denied a second chance in people’s lives and hearts.

Trust me, I understand the pain that can be evoked by men and women who follow Jesus or “follow Jesus”, I know this pain because I have been on the receiving end of man’s selfishness and I have also been the one responsible for acting selfishly. My hope in these few words is to encourage you to give Jesus a second chance in your life despite the pain you have felt from humanity, because not only are those people who hurt you never beyond a second chance, but Jesus is surely never beyond an opportunity of redemption.

I am Dennis Gable and we are People of the Second Chance


4 thoughts on “Never Beyond

  1. This is by far one of my top three favorite posts this week. WOW! I don’t deserve anything, BUT God decided otherwise. He decided after all the crap I have done and will do in the future, that I will always have a second chance because of Jesus. A simple, yet complex reason. Amazing.

  2. Um, that poster is amazing. I’m pretty sure you wrote some stuff too, but that poster is amazing. I want, nay, I need one of those of me.

  3. Very interesting. I would like to know more of a definition of “Second chance” I would guess each situaiton would have a difference response but would love for you to expand on the “DNA” of a second chance? Grace…etc. Was thinking of a woman that her husband has been cheating on her for years. She offers a second chance, third,…he goes at it again… Would love to know the relationship between second chances and wisdom… Been thinking a lot about all this. Thoughts?

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