The Murder of a Child…

Really, really Casey… you don’t know what happened to your daughter?? And why didn’t you report her missing immediately?? God… what kind of parent are you?? Or maybe the better question is, what kind of human are you??

I would never do anything like that!!

or would I [you]?

Maybe you would agree that it seems far easier to justify the wicked things we do to harm those around us, or the things that are done when we are locked in our personal closets…

or am I crazy?

Isn’t it easier to judge her eyes than it is your own?

From the outside looking in we create motives as to why Casey Anthony may or may not have murdered her daughter…

Headlines, tabloids and breaking news statements have brought mass accusation and humiliation to the name of Casey Anthony, so much so, that the uninvolved have created an opinion of her as a person.

So, what would you do if you ran into Casey Anthony on the street?

Would you give her a dirty look? Tell her that you think she is guilty and deserves punishment? Say something under your breath like, ” I would have reported my daughter missing immediately…”

Or would you be willing to admit that she was found innocent and might actually be?Which if that is the case, she has the pressure of losing her child to deal with, on top of our public opinion and the abuse of media?

Could you think that even if she did commit this crime, the same wickedness is inside of you also?

I am a person who has experienced my weight in second chances… I didn’t deserve the first second chance, and I won’t deserve the last either. The number of wicked, manipulative things I have done to people around me is unable to be counted by anyone but the giver of second chances… Jesus Christ.

I want to leave you with this question…

Did you deserve any second chance you have ever received?


9 thoughts on “The Murder of a Child…

  1. i have to admit when i first started to read your blog, i thought you were going togo the other way in your comments and my feathers ruffled so to speak. but thank you for saying what you did.

  2. Whether or not she did it is irrelevant to us. It’s not our place to judge. It’s God’s. And so until then, we need to show the same love that we were shown. That’s exactly what we’re called to do, right? I liked this one a lot, Dennis.

  3. yep this one gets me. looking through the eyes of Christ truly changes the perspective of most things. I hate getting wrapped up in an opinion that is seperate from that sight. thanks D. see you soon!

  4. Great thoughts, Dennis. Reminds me of Sufjan Stevens’ song “John Wayne Gacey Jr.” written about the serial killer (and grace) in which he says, “and on my best behavior, I am really just like him”…a sinner in need of God’s grace.

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