Am I Smokin’ Dope?

Either God is really who He says He is, or I’m smoking dope…

There are so many aspects of this life of faith that just simply cannot be explained, rationalized, or theoretically broken down. This is one of my favorite realities of being a man who seeks after a historical character named Jesus, who I get to learn about from a book that is in its current form because a political leader had a dream, the teachings and writings of men and women who share this pursuit, and lastly, from Himself…

Wait, am I suggesting that Jesus reveals aspects of Himself to us through Holy Spirit?


There has been, is and will be a debate amongst Christians and surrounding doctrines regarding the idea of “new revelation”, and I don’t really want to get deep into this debate. If scholars and honest seekers of the Kingdom of God haven’t uncovered this mystery… then I’m ok living in the unknown and trusting that God’s mind is greater than mine. However… in my experiences, I am weary of anything that “God has revealed” if it doesn’t in one or many ways, lead to a life of sacrifice, in pursuit of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Messiah and Savior of… all[?].

Let’s not get into that conversation either… actually, rather than ripping Rob Bell for being bold and taking a risk, ask the Father to teach you truth…

God does not have a lowest common denominator. There is no square root to God. We cannot break Him down in to an examination of atoms and molecules. It’s just plain arrogant to think that the creation could even comprehend the mind of the Creator, yet, that very idea is why we’re split into numerous denominations, cults, sects and religious ideals. Let me inform us all of something… you don’t know how God works, and neither do I!

What if we settled on a common ground of God as creator, Jesus as savior, and Holy Spirit as mediator, then rested in the mysteries of God? What if we loved everyone like they were going to heaven, versus looking at the “lost” like who they are or how they live is disgusting? Remember when you lived [or currently live] like they do? My guess is that your answer is yes, which is why people are treated like aliens… Don’t be afraid of your new life.

What if we lived our daily lives in pursuit of walking by the voice of the Lord? By the true revelation of Scripture? And in the joy of the mystery? Gosh, that just sounds like freedom to me… and it feels like freedom also!

Ask God to speak to you… Or, just listen. If you believe that you are full of Holy Spirit due to your faith in Christ, then He is speaking to you… Let me restate that, He is speaking to YOU, and since He created you… He probably knows that your voice is the clearest voice for you to hear, right? So, try not believe the lie that God doesn’t speak to you and the only two voices you ever hear are your voice or that of a demon… I am not removing those as options, I just believe that God speaks more than we’re willing to hear.

He is the Word and you are the voice… SPEAK.

This post has no hope of impressing you with my writing skills, or format, or my “blogging technique”… It is simply an expression of my heart!

Seek unity amongst all who claim Christ [and those who don’t]. Get over your ideals. Listen to and live by the Lord’s voice. Test everything against the Bible and in your community.

Freedom. Seek Freedom!

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM” – Jason Upton

p.s. these aren’t crazy theological issues… unity, conversation w/ God, freedom, sacrifice… I think these are the foundational ideas that Jesus came to bring in rebellion against religion. So… Either, He’s God and this is truth or I’m smokin’ dope.


3 thoughts on “Am I Smokin’ Dope?

  1. “Seek unity amongst all who claim Christ [and those who don’t]. Get over your ideals. ”

    Thanks for these words right here. I gave up christianity a long time ago. It’s always a breath of fresh air to find christ followers who will still love me and share their lives with me in spite of our differences.

    I count it a privilege to share stories and ideas with you my friend.

  2. We are understanding something in common about unity. What God did with Jesus Christ to cause understanding about how to understand God can be understood by all and used. God is causing life to understand how to use themselves within the experiences that are around them to understand what God is doing, which is everything with everyone. Use of self this way, moves life out of understanding integrations into the organims (communicates do something different) and supports a perpetual knowing capacity for understanding God, what God does and using yourself within perpetual interests that can be built up eternally where life attached to a united understanding of God lives as a Unifed Being according to experiences (interests) that understand God. There are some writings to some life that God has caused me to understand can use information about understanding ability at this site You can know that all of it will not be interesting or understandable written this way and certain life understand certain vocabulary and images, however, parts can be now or later interesting and if you are interested in parts or want to communicate about it, within the spirit of infatuation for all that God is doing with everyone and everything, we can.

    Have a great evening and toward light being perpetual.

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