Deep breath in… Deep breath out…

It’s a beautiful fall day in Mijas, Spain, and I am enjoying some time alone on our terrace at Sans-1, my house from October – December 2010. I was sitting underneath clear, blue skies with scattered clouds that didn’t have a definite shape, but rather look like cotton balls that have been stretched and pulled apart… the weather is in the mid-seventies and as the warm sun brought warmth to my face, my body was cooled by a soft breeze and in that moment, I thought, “life is good”.

On that beautiful mid-October day, my reason for going up to the terrace came out of desperation…

There are a few gifts that define me in my ability to truly be Dennis Gable; one of those is being a visionary, a gift that is often dismissed because it doesn’t have a tangible movement in and of itself. I am the guy who always has a “new idea”, but from the last week September until this day in October, my well of vision and creativity had run dry…

Until I heard His voice.

Through my plea, in my desperate cry to my Father for vision, direction and a movement for his people, I audibly spoke these words, “Jesus, tell me where you want me to go, and what you want me to do…” Almost instantly after these words flew from my mouth into the heavens, the walls of the dam were pulled up and my mind and heart were flooded with ten years of creativity, a demographic that I can’t escape and a destination for it to take place. In that moment, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “coffee shop with a creative art space, for students, in Flagstaff, Arizona.” I knew that was His voice, because, I have wanted to open a place for people to find refuge, community and freedom for more than six years, and I hate being cold…

During my time at G42, I was given the instruction and freedom to dream and create a plan for what will be called ‘The Collective’, the first self-sustaining outreach business planted by Refuge United. We have a business plan. We have the start of a wonderful team. We have the word of the Lord. We are going for it…

After my time in Mijas, I headed back to Phoenix, where I was going to spend the summer, working and spending time with my people… because Phoenix is my home… What I found out was,

Phoenix was my home.

The Lord has wrecked me. Brought me to a place of obedience and exposed the truth of what little Phoenix had to offer me. With nearly 29 years of pain, sin, death, heartbreak, reputation, and inconsistency, God is graciously moving me away from the place where a boy named Dennis Alan Gable Jr. once lived, because he has matured that boy into a man, a man named Dennis Alan Gable Jr.

This man can’t live in the shadow of that boy any longer. 

So, as of Cinco de Mayo, 2011, I am a resident of Flagstaff, Arizona! God has moved me to this place, for Flagstaff to be the flagship of the vision He has created in my heart, and the man that He has redeemed in me.

I am home now.


9 thoughts on “Flagship

  1. Do you have a spot picked out yet? Flagstaff gets more snow than parts of Western New York….you will be cold in the winter. Hope to stop in and see your place next time we are in Flagstaff….one of our favorite places in Arizona.

  2. Glad to see you not just dreaming but acting on the dream! God has invested a lot in you – you can’t help but please him with your efforts.

  3. Stumbled across your blog today. I have a few friends who’ve done stuff with Adventures in Mission and have mentioned G42. As a Christian dude who digs culture/the arts, has been a barista for the last 4 years, and is moving to Flag in the next few months, I’m excited to see what happens with the vision God’s given you. I’m sure we’ll connect in the future.

  4. Yea for you being home! SO PROUD OF YOU DENNIS!
    Love you much and so excited to see what all God and you are going to do in Flagstaff!

  5. Not once but twice I have gone back to the place I called home, where I grew up, where I had history, where I thought I wanted to be. Both times ended up not being right. Both times after spending several years elsewhere. Both times I left after spending less than a year back. It’s somewhat sobering and a little hard to swallow at times, at least it was for me. Location has always been something I have struggled with. Maybe it’s because cities have culture and we identify with it and that culture/city becomes a part of who we are or who we think we are. I don’t know, I just get wrapped up in where I’m at. Anyway, I’m stoked for ya. It’s cool to see you be able to realize it so quick and bail to where you’re being called to. It’s inspiring to me. I lived in a state of denial before letting go…twice. I’m learning to live where I’m at instead of trying to be at where I want to live.

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