I mean seriously, I hate when people…

And yesterday, this stupid @$$ thought it was a good idea too…

Oh My Gosh, my boss is really being a…

When we hear the word anger, we automatically think of rage, that warm bellied feeling we get when life isn’t going our way, or when people aren’t treating us the way we think we deserve to be treated. When we feel or witness this type of anger, it takes us somewhere… to our childhood, a specific fight, or a fantasy of that one time that I reallyshould have punched that guy. When I think about this stomach turning, blood boilingfeeling, I think of the fact that it is simply a feeling.

We have the ability to control our feelings, don’t we?

Personally, I say, “yes, yes we do”, however, it would be extremely bleek of me to simply conclude a topic like anger with a feel-good statement like, “anger is a feeling, control it”. For some, it is not so simple… If you are one of those cases, is anger truly the issue?

I have never heard of a story where a baby was birthed with middle finger held high, one eyebrow pointed towards the heavens and a look of evil intent in their little eyes… unless your last name is Manson, of course [Charles or Marilyn]. Actually, allow me to use the last name Manson to prove my point, because I don’t rightly believe that their births were any more full of rage than another.

Anger is a responsive behavior.

It happens when there is something within us that can no longer be contained, and it typically is not what lies in front of an individual. Although we may be rightly offended or angered by a situation that is happening in the very moment, our momentary acts of rage are not the natural response to most situations. I will leave room for the idea of revenge, whether right or wrong, just or not, I would say that revenge is one of the only forms of anger that can truly be spawned out of the now of a situation.

Most of us have been greatly wronged, deeply hurt by the natural flow of life, or greatly betrayed by our fellow human, all of these situations, if not properly dealt with, begin what I would call the boiling over. Rather than discussing what the boiling produces, let’s discuss how to prevent it.

Vulnerability! A willingness to share you heart with people, start to empty the closet of pains, hurts, betrayals… let them heal, close the door on them and then create new behavior patterns.

Depending on the individual circumstances that have taken place, the details may vary… however, I believe there is freedom from the type of anger that just boils inside! Beyond the psychological ideals that I have regarding this issue [and most others], I know that a free relationship with Jesus Christ is what is actually able to regenerate your heart, making this freedom that I speak of tangible and eternal. This is more than religion… more than “Christian counseling”, it is understanding that God loves YOU, more than He ever has or will… He just wants a communicative relationship with His son/daughter [YOU]!

If you have this relationship, let it change you… listen to His voice and respond when He speaks! If you don’t, just tell God that you want to feel His love, and in order to do so, you will start the process of trusting Him with your life. Then start living!


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