In August of 2010 I had coffee with my dear friend Drea, who shared with me her stories of The World Race, a short-term missions adventure that carried her through 11 countries in 11 months! During our conversation she was telling me about “this man who was passionate about seeing men, be men“, and how I needed to be where he was. He is Andrew Shearman, a seasoned vet in the world of “Christian Ministry”… a man who has done so much more than preach to the masses; he actually lives out his message[s]. Years ago, Andrew had a vision and dream for a leadership academy with a particular DNA, a group of people who are more like a tribe than a congregation. This dream is now a reality and is called G42 Leadership Academy, the place I have called home for the past 5 1/2 months!

One of my major deciding factors in attending G42 was my personal need to submit to authority, specifically Christian male leadership. Throughout my adult life, I’ve had “mentors” and been in “discipleship programs”, I have met with pastors and friends to “stay accountable”, but in all of that, I never exercised submission. My pattern went a little something like this: I would meet with a dude until I felt like he wasn’t pursuing me, which basically means, I was caught up in being a jack-ass and bailed on my commitments to him, then I would hit a hard patch, rediscover the need for authority and repeat the cycle.

Well… I got what I asked for.

In all of my church experience and cynicism, I had come to the conclusion that all pastors were either corrupt or were gonna be. That carried so far into my personal life, because it allowed me to justify my seasons of acting like a jack-ass… fortunately, I was wrong. My life is now full of men who have character, integrity and are faithful to God. Some of these relationships are stronger than others, but I have gladly submitted to Christian male authority… These are the type of dudes who just speak and life feels a little bit different because you can truly experience their genuine hearts, men who have been there and done that, men who speak out of experience not theory! My life is now at the mercy of these men… I trust their words, I trust their guidance, and they trust me. The Dennis Gable that so many of you have been waiting for is finally here: free in the Spirit of God, ready with a plan of attack, and leading men the way I have been led!

Watch out America; I’m back in 2 weeks!!!

Thank you, Andrew Shearman, David Hearn, David Fredriksz, Bob Nichols, Seth Barnes, Mike Paschall, Ted Hanson, Herman Haan & Glenn Steers.


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