I haven’t taken an opportunity to share my heart with you recently… I have shared a lot about my growth and understanding spiritually, the passion that I have to influence broken hearted young people, and specific situations which have wrecked a particular wall I had built up, but today I offer a piece of my beating heart.






Andrew Shearman [the founder of G42] speaks a lot about operating from a red hot heart and an ice cold brain, If I am being honest, it took me a couple months to truly grasp what that meant. Now that I have an understanding, I realize that I operate out of extremes from either side. In trying to reconcile these extremes, I will share w/ you something I wrote in my journal today:









Around these big, bold, scratchy words in my journal, I wrote this: Jesus, You have given me two very dynamic extremes in these areas. I am dangerously passionate, but I am also deathly analytical and I beg You for a revelation of how to balance these two attributes. I don’t want to lose either, but I want to figure out how to make them mutually beneficial to one another, which would be glorifying to You and bring freedom to me!

dennis gable


3 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. Dennis, whenever I think about balance in the walk of faith I think about a dance. Knowing when to lead and when to follow, knowing when to have structure and when to have complete Spirit guidance. It’s a daily dance. Lord, help us strike the balance.

  2. HMM,I would to like to find this balance as I operate from both extremes as well. Do we act from passion first and analyze it later? Or analyze how we utilize our passion? I would say the first because passion is what comes from the heart first. But then we also look back and see the consequences of that passion….awesome thoughts Dennis 🙂

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