In A Field of Flowers

This is a story written by my friend Kate, it is so powerful that I wanted to post it for you all to read.

Women, I pray that you view your lives this way.

Men, I pray that you view women in this way.


Once upon a time, there was a nameless girl that was trudging through what seemed to be endless and muddy pathways leading to no where. Some thought she was lost, others thought she was crazy. She appeared to be on a mission, set out for a destination, but no one knew where and no one knew why. She wore a dress that resembled more of a rag than the once emasculate design it had long ago been intended to look like. The hem was caked with the backsplash of mud that spewed up from her bare feet that were as filthy as the road she walked on. Her hair was pulled into a single braid that rested on the right side of her chest. Her eyes were the color blue, but there was a determination within them that made them appear darker. Lines were left behind in the dirt on her face where those determined eyes leaked tears of desperation. But in the end, it is obvious that her will had won over her tears because she walked. She walked with a cloud before her by day and a fire guiding her by night. “It must be the right path,” she kept thinking, “because the hard way is always the right way…right?”

One day her walking stopped as the cloud dissipated and a field of flowers appeared to her right. Not just any field of flowers, but as far as those blue eyes could see there were flowers of every type, shape and size pointing their faces towards the Son. There were yellow daffodils, purple tulips, red poinsettias, pink roses, white gardenias, violets, lotus blooms, lavender, and daisies. There were irises, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums, petunias, marigolds, stargazers, and cherry blossoms. There were even flowers not yet named or recognized ever before. The colors were spectacular and the scene was breathtaking. As she walked into the field as if magnetically drawn to the beauty, a rag doll amidst gems, she bent down and touched a lilac flower that caught her attention. Unexpectedly she heard a whisper in the breeze that said, “this flower means “first love”. You, my darling,  are my first love.” She turned and touched a pansy and she heard the whisper once again that said, “this flower means “loving thoughts”. My thoughts of love over you are as numerous as this endless field of flowers, Princess.” And so she turned and touched another one, a magnolia, and she heard, “did you know I was restoring your dignity as this flower represents?” The touch of the purple tulip told her she was royalty, and of the jasmine flower she heard grace and elegance spoken over her, and the ginger flower she heard, “I am proud of you”, and then the peony flower she heard the words, “I am healing you, child.” and on and on did she hear declarations over her that corresponded with the type of flower and its meaning. Finally, the last one she touched was a lily… a beautiful pink and white lily. And she heard the whisper, “I grew this one specifically for you. I have even given you a name from this flower. And through this lily, it will be a declaration of the purity that I am restoring to you. I have given you a new name and I will adorn you with this flower. You will go forth and restore purity back into this world even though it robbed you of your own. But now you walk in my purity, my Love.” She felt rushing water flow over her. She felt as if hands were washing her feet, and when she opened her eyes, she looked down and saw her dress was brand new and pure white, her feet were cleaned, a beautiful lily was placed within her hair, and the tear streaks were wiped away. She was radiant! And as she walked towards the path that the cloud by day was beckoning her to go, she watched her dress transform right before her! Gold began to be interwoven between the seams to the point that it appeared as solid gold. Then her hems that had once been caked with mud turned to royal purple. And as she walked the path that appeared to be a dry riverbed, sparkling pure water leaked from her royal purple hem and began to fill the dry river bed with living water. And she walked. She walked with a fierce determination not out of pain and hardness of path, but rather on a specified mission. The royalty filled her veins, the warrior within her came forth, and the purity shone bright. And as she walked, she heard the whispers of love over her, the whisper of her own name, and the whispers of the names of those she is being sent to love. And so she walked, the rag doll amidst gems that became a gem for others.

If this impacted your heart, please pass it along to the person[s] you are thinking about!

dennis gable


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