Church is not a building.

Church is not a gathering of people who believe the same thing.

Church is not a place to not do everything else you do during the week.

Church is not the place to feel good about you.

Church is not a weekly event.

Church is daily.

Church is vulnerable.

Church is just as real on Wednesday as it is on Sunday.

Church is your family.

Church is you.

Throughout my last ten years of being a Christian I have never experienced a church as real as the community I live in at G42. We don’t need to “do” church, everyday life is church… And it’s so, so beautiful. I am free to be the same man all day, everyday and the four surrounding walls don’t determine that man. It has been over five months since I have attended church because I live in a church, and I’d rather have this everyday feeling any day!

**this is not an anti-institution post, just an expression of my heart.

dennis gable


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