Do You Miss Me Yet

As you know, I am currently in Mijas, Spain, at G42 Leadership Academy. God has really opened my eyes to a lot since being here, a massive refining of my character has taken place and a vision almost too big for my brain has taken over!

This vision is called Refuge:United. My heart is to see high school kids come to know Jesus through grace… not leave the church when they’re old enough because of religion. Truthfully, I think adults are horrible examples of strong character, vulnerability and solid conviction. This only fuels the rebellious fire that we have set on students; they know when we’re faking and we all know that a list of rules has never made a teenager want to behave… but trust and honor might.
RU materializes in the form of a Coffee shop and community center in the heart of Flagstaff’s historic downtown district. From there, RU will seek to open locations near every major University across America!
There is so much more to this vision that I will be able to share soon, however, for now… I need you to help me stay at G42, so I can receive all that God is pouring out on me during this season. I am in need of raising $2,900 total before March 1, but need $400 by today to cover February. Thank you for your support, friends, family & fans!! 🙂

You can donate by going to
Click on INTERN SUPPORT and you will be guided through PayPal.
G42 is a 501c3 tax deductible organization.

Thank you so much for your love, help and support… and don’t worry, more of the vision will be unveiled really soon.


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