It isn’t often that I get into pop-culture, especially when it comes to my writing… but this has made me completely enraged!

Above is the description of the “Official ‘Skins’ website” that I found when I Googled “MTV Skins”… After snooping around the website for a few minutes to take an honest look at the content of the show, I came to the conclusion that the “tagline” provided in the description is a load of B.S.! In no way is this a “journey of 9 high school friends stumbling through adolescence…”, it is a display of ignorant debauchery.

Sorry for the use of the word debauchery, I just don’t know how else to describe it.

Skins is a ridiculous attempt at re-engaging a young audience that found other ways to be entertained when they stopped playing music on Music Television aka, MTV, and began catering to the college and young adult demographic, a pursuit which seems successful this far. Skins is like the TV show equivalent to a Ke$ha record… a product created solely for the shock value and used to engage people into the all too familiar lie that as long as I’m having sex, partying with my friends, getting black-out drunk and numbing the pains of normality then I will be a happy, fun, like-able person.

The bottom line of this is BULL SHIT!!

Look, I remember high school… some of it was surely ridiculous and most of my friends would have been murdered at the hands of their parents if we would have gotten caught doing some of the things we did. Most of these moments were fun… Actually, some of them were fun, most of them were dramatic! I know unfortunately well how it feels to get black out drunk and wake up next to someone that I don’t remember inviting into my bed. I have not forgotten the moments in my life when I woke up in the afternoon with the sole intention of passing out sometime the next morning. More than those moments, whether as a teenager or an adult, I remember the feelings with the most clarity…Feelings of loneliness, dissatisfaction with myself as a man, fear that I may have some creepy crawly STD and would wake up pissing fire in the weeks to follow, and the ever so popular feeling of confusion [which was often followed by regret].

“Why did I drink so much last night?”

“Who did I kiss last night?”

“Did I drive?”

“What was I thinking?”

“Do I even believe in God still?”

If you have been some of the places I’ve been then you know how this morning after feeling feels, regardless of your religious conviction, age, college major, or professional identity… it is miserable. There is a thought or feeling that runs parallel with these others and that is, “there has to be more to life than this”! You may not ever express this last statement/feeling, but you know all of the elements to this moment feels all to familiar…

There IS more!..

Truthfully, I am SO angry right now! My stomach is tied up with knots that I’m not quite sure how to untie; the reason young people act like belligerent asses is because the adults in their life has given this example of how life is to be lived. What America and the church needs to understand is that church is probably not where students will be honestly introduced to solution and fulfillment of loneliness, dissatisfaction, fear, and confusion. Frankly, Christian people suck at being an example of Christ… Get defensive and pissed off if you’d like, however, if I were wrong I assure you the world would look different! You’re probably more angry at me right now than you are about the fact that nine 15 – 19 year old teens are portraying what “normal teenage life” looks like by sleeping with one another [both homosexually and heterosexually], raging on prescription pills and narcotics, and getting sloppy blackout drunk at parties when you think they are playing Chutes & Ladders with their best friends, wrapped in a onesie with Kool-aid and cookies as an after dinner/pre-bed snack. Take responsibility for your life as an adult, be a man/woman of integrity and character, respond to your convictions and be an example of the Love and Grace that Jesus has allowed you to experience in saving you from your “old” life, unless of course your current life is the secretive, closet version of your “old” life.

Give the younger generation a chance at experiencing more… This should not be what teenagers live for, but who can blame them; it’s what we live for.

† For the ones who live well and are a good example for a younger generation, thank you for being a badass!

†† I hope I did not offend you w/ the language I used in this post.

††† Most of this frustration stems from personal experience.


7 thoughts on “WTF, MTV?

  1. Maybe if we spent less time playing church and really got into the gritty reality. The most moved I felt at my Phx church was when the Teen Challenge boys would come in. They shared their testimony, about being alcoholic, drug addicts, felons but God came in and showed them another way. A way, far more fulfilling than any other that garbage could ever provide. I was an ‘on the fence’ Christian until I slipped and fell right into the devils playground. I was very secretive about my alcohol addiction, beginning pill addiction, thoughts i was having towards men that weren’t my husband, and feeling ‘im just surviving, not living, what a waste.’ I quit attending church, in that time, i wound up with jail time, 2 felony counts, my children taken back to AZ, and my husband obtained divorce papers. I prayed Peters prayer, Lord, Save Me (Repeatedly). He has and still is, my life is coming back together. Slowly, but on the rock, solidly. Then as I started to share my story, others in the church shared theirs, wow. How come we don’t testify like this more often? I mean aren’t we supposed to share that? Testify of His Grace for His glory? Jesus sat with the sinful, and so should we. If they don’t feel they can relate to us, that God really does work, why should they listen/stay? We need to stop worrying about what others will think, because our testimony could save someones life.

    • your story has and will continue to save someones life, as they see what Jesus has and will continue to do in your heart.

      please tell your story as often and vulnerably as you can, when you think you’re telling it too much, keep telling it 🙂

      thx for the encouragement!

  2. I feel like your reaction to this show is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. I understand that you’re speaking to Christian adults in this blog about being examples for younger generations, and I whole-heartedly agree with that, but I think that getting enraged at this show is wrong.

    I’ve watched the show and I can tell you that when you say it is “used to engage people into the all too familiar lie that as long as I’m having sex, partying with my friends, getting black-out drunk and numbing the pains of normality then I will be a happy, fun, like-able person,” couldn’t be farther from what the show is; these kids are not portrayed as being happy at all. People might not see that and they might think that it looks really glamorous and great, but that’s not the fault of the writers or the actors, that’s the fault of the people who watch it, and in turn, how their parents raised them (like you said). I would never, ever watch this show and think “I really want to go do drugs and have sex with lots of women,” because I was raised Christian with good moral foundations. I think it’s wrong that MTV sells this show in their adds by making that life seem glamorous, but that’s because they’re not Christian.

    It seems like you’re surprised when people that don’t believe God exists, portray a non-Christian lifestyle. That would be like Scientologists being really surprised if I did a drawing of Lord Xenu wearing a dress and smoking a Virginia Slim. I don’t believe in Lord Xenu, so portraying him in a non-respectful manner doesn’t mean much to me. I’m not trying to say that SKINS has a GOOD message for non-Christians, far from it, but again, that’s not really the intent of the show.

    I’m pretty sure that you don’t expect everyone to believe in God, but anger towards this type of thing seems counter-productive. They make the show thinking that Christians wont like it and use that as a selling point. Going into an uproar is the expected result and living a godly life is about doing the unexpected. Jesus washed the feet of his Diciples, that’s unexpected. Jesus visited with the prostitutes and tax collectors, that’s unexpected. Everything that Jesus did went against what was expected.

    I think that instead of getting upset at the products of worldly lives, it’s our job to portray the product of a godly life to those whose hearts have been softened to a point where they will listen, and it can’t be done with anger, only with love and understanding.

    • Mark, my man!!!
      I seriously agree w/ the last statement… minus “it can’t be done w/ anger”. If it didn’t piss me off to know that it is MY fault that a younger generation hasn’t seen the joy and fulfillment that comes with a life lived alongside of Jesus, I wouldn’t do anything about it. I would just be passive and stick to my “encouraging” writing in hopes that people would like me and buy my books someday. To hell with that life, I LOVE teenagers; they break my heart… mainly because I remember what it was like to be one. I have a 14 year old brother that I have brought up with love and grace, giving him an example of a life lived with joy and fulfillment in the Lord, Jesus Christ… And he is a GOOD lil dude! He makes good decisions [most of the time, haha], and of course he is wrangled into “being a kid”… BUT, I believe that it is my responsibility as a man who has been saved by grace to “reform” the status quo of what “teenage life” should be, could be and will be and I will die pursuing this work. So, I hope you know me well enough to know how much I love people, how desperate I am to see a new heart in America and much like Jesus getting pissed off when some dudes turned His Fathers house into a retail mall, I am pissed to see the enemy pervert an entire demographic of people and it be considered the norm.

      My fire is what fuels me, my friend.

      MUCH love

  3. D, I can totally understand your frustration about this show. I too come from a past whereas seeing the ads for the show the other day broke my heart. Truth is many of us(including believers) are so desensitized to these protrayals of profane conditions of living and justify it as “entertainment”. It is of no surprise as to how the world continues to glamourize desolate and pain as if it is the destined normalcy of this generation, enabling those who partake of it to continue to bend and remain in painful cycles, but we as believers should be doing way more (by actions in our daily living and sharing the truth about our lives) to counteract the message that this show, and other negative things like it pass on. I agree that we as the body of Christ should be showing a better way, yet it remains that many of us need to become real, destorying our OWN mask, and become open, authentic and deal with what is really there (in our lives and around us). I know that we should become zealous about sharing our testimonies of our own processes and journey of hope(in Christ) in order to reach and relate to those who maybe exposed to this stuff and are hungry enough to cling to what they see from these things. The reality is there are many Christians that are yet to be true to God, themselves, and others because we still are hiding behind walls that need to be broken that keep us hindered and away from being the example of true “transformation through Christ” we can be. My prayer is simply, as I live my life that I continually surrender to God allowing Christ to be my everything, and that daily, my boost is in the Lord, knowing that there is much more for and of my life than what I have subjected myself to in the past or even now at times and that as I do that, those whom see me, can find the faith to believe that there is better for and of them as well. God has and continues to work with me as I gear up to launch my outreach ministry project (Destorying the Mask), for a time such as this. My prayer is that we all (who profess and live for Christ) truly become(or remain to be) the example of His heart and desire as it is truly needed!

  4. Nice plug.

    So after reading this, i find that my spirit is ____________ sad, angry, twisted yet fully of passion and fire. You are that expample now. Full of righteous anger but one whom listens to LORD. I am reminded of inheritance right now. As I hear Andrew burst on the other side of the wall, it is righteous anger. One that drives us to see change and have a a voice that is heard. Anger/impatience was Moses striking the rock….but not you…. in time, you will have a new platform. Jordan crossing time. This blog is a reminder. Something is expanding. and God is shaking it up a bit. New things are happening beyond a black and white business plan. I believe the worth of the youth will be restored. How? Keep dreaming and hold on for the time God will show you… His time.

  5. I totally agree with you saying that “Christian people suck at being an example of Christ” I remember in high school when I was part of FCA and some of the leaders back then would go to the meetings and say oh yeah God this and God that but then go out on Friday & Saturday nights drinking, partying and doing sexual things. It really annoyed me and deterred me from being part of the group because how can leaders be that way on Friday & Saturdays and wash up and go to church on a Sunday to just to commit the same sins the next week!

    I haven’t watched Skins but I have seen a lot of controversy over it, I know if that was my child other there acting like that I would smack them silly! MTV is overrated!

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