It’s All About The Shoes.

Think about your favorite pair of shoes… are they your most comfortable exercise shoe? How about your shiny red stilettos? Your broken in and busted up pair of Vans, Chucks or Toms? Or maybe even them brilliant, pearl white alligator skin slides? Think about the last time you put them on, how did they make you feel? Now, think about if they were the only pair of shoes that you had, would you be able to wear them to the gym, grocery story, work and out for a night on the town?

If these favorite shoes of yours were the only shoes you had, you may need to sacrifice some activities because your shoes just wouldn’t allow for your participation. But, the reality is most of us have more than one pair of shoes, hell, most of us have more than 5 pairs of shoes and some of us have 10, 20, 30, 60 pairs of shoes…

Why do we have so many different pairs of shoes? To keep our options open? So we know that we wouldn’t have to wear the same pair of shoes everyday if we didn’t want to? Because our compliance to fashion requires that we have a pair of shoes for every outfit? Or, is it all of the above?

Personally, I love shoes… I would have multiple colors of Vans and Toms both if I could afford it and would certainly have a black, brown and white pair of leather slides [dress shoes], let’s not forget the 2 or 3 pairs of running shoes just in case, and of course a pair of white and black basketball shoes depending on the jersey I wear to play in. Like you, I like options and I enjoy the creativity of fashion. Before I left for Spain, I had a giant Rubbermaid storage tub full of shoes which contain a little bit of what I listed above. In preparation for Spain, one of the things I felt compelled to do was get rid of a bunch of my “unnecessary” stuff, which unfortunately included most of my shoes and clothes. I would say that the “tub o shoes” held probably close to 20 pairs at its peak and I am down to 6 pairs [1 pair of TOMS, 2 pairs of Vans, one black & one red, black New Balance running shoes, Reef sandals and my Dwayne Wade’s [basketball shoes] that I left in the States]. To be honest, it is frustrating at times to throw on my purple V-neck and not have my black and purple vans to compliment the shirt… but the sacrifice has been worth it.

Since you’ve been an adult, has anyone forced you to wear a specific shoe [not style but the literal shoe]? The only situation that I can think of where someone is forced to wear a specific shoe is the military. Overall, the majority of us get to choose which pair of shoes we wear at any given time and we usually base this decision on our destination, or how the shoes will look with our outfit. And if you’re a girl, comfort isn’t even a factor in the decision of what shoes you wear… it’s almost as if you pick the most uncomfortable shoe possible so you have something to complain about by the end of the night [wink wink].

So, why am I writing about shoes? Well let’s go back to the idea of only being able to have one pair of shoes, what would you look for in that pair of shoes? Take into consideration that you will have to wear them everywhere you go and that may mean sacrificing an activity or destination. Do you have the pair of shoes in mind?

Identify it…

Choosing this pair of shoes is a lot like choosing a spouse… Whichever shoe you choose is going to fit, but some shoes are better looking than others, some are more shiny, some are more comfortable, some are more versatile and some are just more expensive. Some shoes you would have to sacrifice more to wear than others. This ONE pair of shoes should represent the truest version of you, those who know you and are close to you should look at your shoes and it should make sense as to why you chose that pair. Your shoes will certainly have to be broken in, but it seems a little ignorant to purposefully choose an uncomfortable pair of shoes or a pair that takes more energy to up-keep than to enjoy. Your shoes should at least take you through the general walks of life. No measure of societies standard should dictate the shoe that you choose. Your choice should be a fairly well thought out decision and a decision where the most of you is represented, supported and able to move freely.

I recently had this conversation with a couple friends of mine here in Spain and I came to the conclusion that I am looking for a pair of Toms… I want simplicity, versatility and comfort in my future. I want to know that even on a rough road, my shoes will protect my feet and we will get where we need to go.

So, what type of shoe have you settled for, or sacrificed too much to wear? If you are able to call those things truth then it will ultimately be a benefit in the process of identifying exactly what are you looking for in a shoe [spouse]!




One thought on “It’s All About The Shoes.

  1. I’m blogstalking you today, so prepare for a few of these.

    I missed this one! Hm.

    I freakin’ love it!

    I got a pair I liked, realized within a few more months that I actually didn’t like the fit (took the ring back).

    Found another one I liked even more, that I USED to wear. Fit perfectly. Put it on and decided this was the one for me. I’ve had this pair for 7 years and they fit better every single day.

    GREAT analogy, bro.

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