We’re All A Little Arrogant

Please, please first understand that the purpose of this video is to push your buttons and stir up your heart a bit. You are free to be angry, but allow for it to grow you rather than close you off as that may only build into the problem. Know that I am guilty of so many of the things I have addressed and for the most part, this is where I find the conviction to continue growing. I encourage you to seek freedom and live out of an attitude of love and understanding, rather than judgment and arrogance.

If you are a Christian, please seek the loving heart of God… Regardless of your level of spiritual maturity or length of time as a Christian, you should never feel accomplished in understanding the love of the Father.

If you are not a Christian, please seek the loving heart of God… We live in a relativistic culture that says, “we should be continually seeking truth”. Which is a great pursuit… until you find truth and then continue “seeking”. Relative culture also says, “I am open to everything”, but you and I both know that is a lie; you are open to the things that make you king/queen and support your world view! If in fact, you are “open to everything”, then I challenge you to speak to Jesus and ask Him to show you how much He loves you… if that is too intimate, then tell Him He can’t change you and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “We’re All A Little Arrogant

  1. RARRRRR! Totally feeling you on this and totally looking within too, great job buddy. I did link and post your video on my blog also it was a great video today!

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