Eight years ago, I made a decision and blamed it on God. Whether this decision was the “right or wrong” decision doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I lied, and I lied in the name and work of God because He’s the greatest scapegoat ever.

How many times have you said, “God wants or doesn’t want me to…” knowing as every singe letter was connected with another to form words that vibrated out of your mouth, you were lying? If need be, take a second to think about this question………………. The only statement that most people won’t question is one that starts with, “God told me”, “God said”, or “God wants”. This is what I mean when I say that God is our greatest scapegoat. For the amount that God loves you, stop this! If you are going to make a decision, make it, even if it is a decision that will break someone’s heart. Take responsibility for the fact that when it is all said and done, you are the one making this decision.

Let’s make this a little more specific, and please, let me start… Eight years ago, I made a decision and blamed it on God. I told a wonderful girl that I couldn’t take our relationship from casual dating to exclusive dating because I didn’t want any distractions from my “ministry” and my relationship with God. I needed to focus on those things and “God has called me to play music” [which is obviously not true, have you heard my voice?]. Two major things should stick out, 1. This young woman and myself were obviously spending enough time together to get to a place where “exclusivity” was a feasible option, and that use of time didn’t seem to be an issue. 2. By me saying, “God has called me…” it gave her no room to question my decision because I was surely just trying to be faithful to what God had called me to. Besides that, it gave her no real way to question my motive or the reason behind this decision.

Truth: I really enjoyed spending time with this girl, and we had a blast but I was more comfortable being “single” because it allowed me to keep my options open. I can regrettably assure you that after that conversation I didn’t replace the time I spent with her on pursuing God more faithfully. Actually, I probably didn’t spend enough time w/ God to be able to hear Him if He did want to speak to me.

See, there are many ways that we manipulate people [and ourselves] all while blaming it on God and the fact that we only “hear from God” when it suits us the best is or should be incredibly shameful! If you are going to make a decision, make it. There is no need to hold God out on a string like a piñata just because you are afraid of facing a situation. If by chance, you felt as if God was speaking to you, hold fast to that, however, check the purity of your heart in any and every decision you are making.

I believe that God, through the Holy Spirit “speaks” to us and while I believe His voice can be audible, I believe most of the time God’s voice is something we are able to “feel”. There are a few necessary elements that must exist in your relationship w/ the Creator God if you’re really expecting to “hear” His voice… The one asking must believe that God is actually GOD, trust that God truly has our best intentions in mind, and a willingness to submit to God when He gives. Please also know that God has given you the ability to make decisions and you are free to do them; so don’t waste your whole life asking… My hope is that you are making decision that are honest and leave your conscience clear while also being obedient to your convictions.

Jesus says specifically in Matthew chapter 7 starting in verse 7, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; know, and it will be opened to you.” … Continued in the video below.


3 thoughts on “Over-Spiritual-Life-Ing

  1. Hey all, this is an email I received in response to this blog, I thought you guys may be interested in reading it. Originally it was a blog post by the individual who sent it to me. Enjoy:

    I have been thinking lately about how many times in my life I have heard the words “God is telling me…..” “I feel God is saying……” etc etc. and then I thought about how many times after these words have been spoken, that “God” changed his mind.

    I think that the majority of the time, it would be a safer bet to say “ I want to go here” or “ I want to do this”. Is this really any less spiritual? If you are truly living with Christ, then he is the centre of all your decisions, and it’s okay to say “ I want….”. And then when YOU change your mind, you take the responsibility and don’t try to palm it off on God. I think it is dangerous and somewhat arrogant to try and pass off your indecisiveness onto the God of the universe.

    I am tired of people trying to spiritualize their decisions and non-decisions in order to sound Christiany, and even worse, manipulate people into supporting their plans.

    Christians come off as phony, because instead of just saying what they think, or saying what they want to do, they try to spiritualize everything. It’s okay for me to say I want to go shopping today, without saying “ I feel the Holy Spirit is prompting me to spend some down time with the Father in the mall” number one, who outside the charismatic circles uses the word “prompting” and number two, really???

    Indeed, the Father speaks and helps us make life decisions, but most of the time, HE has given us free will and HE can generally use us in whatever decision we make .

    We need to be real. We need to stop trying to sound like an epistle, and start sounding like a normal person, with a super normal anointing.

    When God speaks, act.
    When you want, do
    When you decide, go

    Walk and HE will guide your steps. Ultimately accept responsibility for what you are doing, and where you are going. Take ownership of your decisions. Get real.

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