Into My Silence

I long to be vulnerable with you! Truly I have stepped into the most challenging moment of my life, do I accept my call or reject it? How does the “super-natural” play into what I know as real life? Is Jesus really worth giving up all carelessness for? How can I be a part of a people who really truly change the world?

These are just a few of the things I’ve wrestled with in the first 2+ weeks here in Mijas. Below is a video that I recorded while just spending some time alone… My hope in posting this is that you will be encouraged… the switch from needing a change to being the change is a simple one, not easy, but simple.

As always, I am so grateful that you take the time to read/watch what is on my heart.


4 thoughts on “Into My Silence

  1. Seriously Dennis? Your closing statement totally hit home with me today. In these moments where I am overwhelmed with a specific situation I really have questioned my religion and my spirituality. Just about a year ago I gave up on my religion I have realized this is a spiritual relationship I have with the Man. In these past few days that have just past where I am yet again overwhelmed with the same situation I find my self questioning yet again, like what is he doing in my life and what I am doing with what he’s set fourth.

  2. Jusika,

    One of the things that i’m learning is so much of how we respond has to do w/ how much we trust God. Do we REALLY trust that God loves us and will work all things for good? If we are honest, the answer is probably no… I encourage you to dive into this… Who is Christ in your life?? Is He the Life Blood or a Life Line?? The answer to this question will forever change you; if He is your Life Blood then you will never need to question Him again 🙂 This life is not easy, it isn’t supposed to be and we aren’t told that it will be… bad things will happen to good people. good people will do bad things. but know that Godly justice will always be served.

    enjoy your journey 🙂

    • Last time I lost a child I was confused, I thought our God was a loving God. Then someone told me in the days following it was because I didn’t read the KJV, so I said F it, F religion F it all. During the last year my heart as turned back to God just talking to him, like an open conversation. Then this time around I felt lucky that he has blessed us again and then we lost the baby, same day as last and even same surgery time. I almost feel like the saying “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Christ right now in my life is someone who’s just not answering the text messages or phone calls.

      I have had my fair share of difficulties growing up but for whatever reason when it comes to losing a child it seems as if everything changes and everything is questioned.

      • oh, my goodness… I am so sorry! I know pain, but i do not know that kinda pain. I promise that God is not out to hurt you, that is something that I had to hold onto and He proved to me when I lost both parents. Look HIM in the face, trust Him, tell Him you love Him and LIVE the life you were created for 🙂

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