SOLE Whaaaaaat?!

You have probably seen quite a few Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates about The SOLE Movement and if not, then now you are reading a blog about it!

“What is The SOLE Movement?”

Great question, I’m so glad you asked!!

The SOLE Movement is an idea that has be reinvented time and again since it’s conception about 9 months ago, but it is finally becoming a reality! TSM is an event that will be like no other event you have ever been to. Humor, vulnerability, sincerity, creativity and quality, you can expect to experience each of these things at TSM. “The Team” is made up of four incredibly talented presenters/speakers/entertainers, let me briefly introduce you:

Marcus A Murphy:

Marcus is a motivational speaker, life coach, photographer, videographer and comedian [with an emphasis on the first two]. He is incredibly passionate about people taking ahold of their lives and pursuing them violently. Goal setting and equipping his audience to grab ahold of their future whether in higher education [college] or a career path is a place where Marcus is well suited.

And he’s pretty funny, I guess…

Natalie Ehmka:

Natalie used to be my boss and is now a wonderful friend of mine. She is extremely passionate about social awareness and self-defense [while looking cute, of course], she currently holds clinics for women called Pretty Feisty in order to empower women! Natalie tells a riveting story that will have you in desperate need for every word and she has had the privilege of sharing this story to more than 100,000 teens and adults across the U.S.

Tomas Stanton:

Tomas is paving a new road by mixing slam/spoken word poetry and motivational speaking into something he’s titled, “Moetry”! Much like a painter does with a brush, you will be amazed at the words that Tomas is able to mix and bring together in his creative outlet! In this mission to blend two forms of performance communication, Tomas is dedicated to bring Moetic Justice to the hearts and minds of his listeners. When he’s done, you’ll be begging for more!

Lastly is me:

You may or may not know much about me… I like to speak and I’m pretty good at it.

TSM is an opportunity for you to engage with us and allow us to entertain you and move your hearts, we believe in your individuality which is why we have entitled this the SOLE movement; we hope you believe in you also! On top of being fun and entertaining, TSM is a fundraising event to assist in sending me to a Christian leadership academy in Mijas, Spain called G42! I leave October 1st for six months and would love for you to come to the event and send me off well! If you would like to know more about why I am going to G42, CLICK HERE to watch my support video!

Now that you know a little more about TSM, please come out September 18th at 2pm and show your support/hang out with us!! Here are the details: 9.18.10 @ 2PM. The event is being held at Praxis [on the campus of ED Options high school] 1250 E Southern Ave. Tempe 85282 and admission is a $10 donation which assists in my fundraising efforts. If you are planning to join us because you believe in what we are doing, PLEASE bring your friends with you. 🙂

Thank you for your love and support!!


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