A Quote From Dad.

Son, you’ll be the same man when you’re 50 that you are today, unless you do something to change it.”

The record is broken and this hook keeps playing in my head. Day in and day out, the best line that my father never wrote but spoke to me in a moment of self reflection are haunting to my soul. Dennis Alan Gable Sr. looked at his name sake as a 50 year old alcoholic and drug addict and in a rare moment of vulnerability expressed much more than a “word of wisdom”. One of the most mysterious men I will ever know was trying to tell me that he wasn’t happy with the man he saw in the mirror, that there was regret for the failed marriage, wasted money, deteriorating body from the drug and alcohol abuse. He was asking his son to be more honest than he was about his actions and intentions.

Last night I ended up crying in Cartel Coffee Lab while putting my journal to work with memories of my daddy and this is one of the greatest memories I have even though it came in an awkward time in our relationship. The words are haunting because I do not want to be the same man at 50 that I am today… I may not be an alcoholic or drug addict or have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on “stuff” or ruined my first marriage, but I am lazy, broke, inconsistent, dependent on so many things other than the Gospel and overall unsuccessful [regardless of what your definition is]. There is so much more. I am more talented than I’ve shown the world. I am weaker than I lead myself and others to believe. God has created me to be dependent on Him and use my gifts/talents for His glory and they are typically used to glorify me.

You’ve heard a snippet of my story… where are you? If you had to be the same exact person at 50 that you are today, would you be satisfied?? This is a hard question to answer, I encourage you to be honest about what you do with it. Get a journal, borrow your best friends ear, whatever you need to do to process this question… please don’t be afraid to become a better version of yourself!


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