The 4 O’Clock Shift

The supernatural is super confusing, and it is an equation that I will never quite figure out where the variables even fit. This creates a pretty honest tension between my faith and my logic because I believe that both need to be taken into consideration. I am either not very in touch with the “spiritual” or super natural or God has chosen to not show me those aspects of life. This is very frustrating for me in some ways and leads my faith and logic into a battle over the ideas of God being an active part of his creation or simply the creator with no interaction. This season that I am coming out of has been influenced by a number of different factors, none of which are pertinent to this story [at least for now], but regardless of the factors I have been asking God to show me supernatural things, today He answered…

I am going to set the scene for this story with some facts:

  • My name is Dennis Alan Gable Jr. which means my fathers name was also Dennis.
  • I was born on my mothers 19th birthday, May 29, 1982.
  • My mothers name was Kimberly and she want by Kim.
  • The childhood nickname that my father gave me was, Bobo [pronounced bob-bow].

In order to supplement my income and pay my bills I work at a restaurant called Babbo [pronounced bob-bow], it is a family owned Italian food joint located in Phoenix. On Fridays I work the morning/lunch shift at Babbo and most of the time try to pick up the evening shift, today was like all of the others in that regard and I successfully picked up the evening shift. Taking the floor for the evening shift at 4:00pm, my first table was a couple sitting at the bar who had already enjoyed two rounds of beers. I introduced myself and the gentleman said, “It’s nice to meet you, I am Dennis also… there aren’t many of us running around out there”. I confirmed his statement and then I extended my hand for an introduction to his wife, her name is Kim. I took a step back and informed the couple that they had the same names as my parents, and as we continued to engage in conversation I was so thankful that God would allow such an appointment to take place. What Dennis and Kim didn’t know is that I had lost my Dennis and Kim and have been thinking about them so much the past few days; I wish my dad would have loved himself more and allowed our family to enjoy more times [everyone involved] and that my mom could be here to make me laugh, give me advice and just be my friend.

After about 10 minutes of solid, enjoyable conversation I filled the couple on how incredible this moment was for me in light of my loss and they were as blown away as I was. As we embarked on a few more minutes of conversation, I learned that they had been married 35 years and May was a crazy month for them because of Kim’s birthday, mothers day and their anniversary. Curious, I asked Kim what day her birthday was and as she finished saying, “the 29th”, I got the chills, slapped the bar in disbelief and said, “SHUT UP!” while walking away from the couple. Not really sure what to say or do, I responded by not saying anything but pulling my drivers license out of my wallet and setting it in front of her. As Kim read the date on my license, she looked up and before she could say anything I told her that I was born in the same hospital, on the same day as my mom nineteen years apart on May 29th.

Now, regardless of your spiritual convictions, this junk was CRAZY… some will call it coincidence, some will assume that my parents are trying to speak to me or something and some will give God credit for ordaining this meeting.

Here is how I interpreted today…

God, Thank you for knowing how bad my heart needed something completely insane to happen and providing that situation. Coincidence isn’t a strong enough theory for all of these factors to come together…  and since You are the Creator, Your hand is the only one able to ordain such an incredibly encouraging moment for my heart and hopefully for theirs as well. Thank You for never letting me go!!

I hope you are somehow amazed and or encouraged by this story, if you aren’t… check yo self! ha.



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