“To Live”

This statement is appropriately placed on my heart, or the metaphorical place that we call the heart, regardless of the semantics, the words and ideals behind VIVO are securely connected to my brain and all that it dreams up. It is so unfortunate to think about the reality that so many of us are wasting our time on earth roaming around as prisoners of vanity. Zombies who have risen from from the dirt and remnants of our most natural abilities, passion and selflessness.

Think for a second… think about the amount of anxiety and stress that you feel when it comes time to pay a bill, any bill for that matter… Now think about how bad you wish you wouldn’t have purchased the over priced transportation or the house just to secure your idea of stability. I have been thinking about our money, our lives, our purpose and we do such a good job of wasting all of it!

While in Oregon I have been able to share vision with my friend Elijah who is the brain child of Sundesmos and one of his projects is community housing. The general idea is that living for the glory of God to the benefit of others is the most fulfilling life to life.

This is VIVO…

Community housing is something that has been on my heart for some time and wasn’t quite sure of how to make it a reality, however, when God brings two minds together who have been given very similar vision… amazing things happen. So, when I get back to Tempe I am going to pursue a residence that can be used to bless other people in the city, I am also in need of others who share this vision. What is community housing? It is having a house where the doors never close, open to the financially desperate, emotionally desperate, socially needy, hungry, creative, bored and even you! We will live in like minded service to the community, we will give 20% of our income to needs in the community, we will serve at least one meal a day through the house and we will create some of the most incredible art/music that Tempe has ever experienced. Oh, and we’ll also sleep on twin sized beds [so we can fit as many as possible].

You get the chance to live when your resources are exhausted on someone other than “I”. Dream about it, pray about it, join us in it! Our model for this housing project comes from the book of Acts in the New Testament… when people lived in a similar way, the writer noted this “and the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved”.

VIVO means “To Live”… Are you willing?

This is my friend Eli... He's radical

this is me... not nearly as cool as Eli


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