Is That A Rape Whistle?!

Maybe this is a strange question to ask in response, but do I look like I need a “rape whistle”? I used to get mildy offended when people would ask me this question, because I know the significance behind the whistle and why I wear it, unfortunately for the inquirer I have turned to sarcasm…

“Is that a rape whistle”? I often reply, “actually, I wear the whistle because when I go out I get belligerently drunk and end up in a corner somewhere, the whistle is how my friends know where to find me!” This outlandish statement is usually followed up with them asking, “are you serious”? “NO! I’m not serious…”

This usually leads me nicely into a conversation where the inquirer is all ears, ready for anything but my sarcasm.

So, why do I wear a whistle? Because they wear a whistle! The “Whistle Blowers”, boys who are prisoners within the walls of a heartless and brutal war!  Here is an excerpt from Falling Whistles [dotcom]: “Their SOLE duty is to make enough noise to scare the enemy and then to receive, with their bodies, the first round of bullets.

Lines of boys fall as nothing more than a temporary barricade. Those who try to flee are shot at from behind. The soldiers call it “encouragement” to be brave. Without a gun to protect themselves, the smallest boys are placed between the crossfire of two armies, forces fighting for reasons far beyond their ability to understand.

With FALLING WHISTLES, their only choice is to feign death or face it.

Take a second to really let this sink in… if you have a son, brother, nephew, imagine him being on the front lines in the Middle East, too small to carry a rifle so they are armed with a mere whistle and can only hope and pray that their cry is heard before they breath their last.

There is so much destruction happening in our world, destruction that is worth advocating for… Take step outside of your everyday grind and put your heart into the chest of someone who needs you. One way that you can help FALLING WHISTLES is to BUY THE WHISTLE and the proceeds go to support and advocate for war-affected kids. Wear the whistle, share the story, and speak up for them. Together, we’ll become the voice of a growing coalition to end our world’s biggest war.


Whatchya Think?

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