An Idol Pursuit

For just over three years I have called Praxis Church my home. I call it my home because they are my family and throughout the last few years have showered me with an unexplainable amount of love and support through some pretty intense life experiences.

Last night at Praxis, my good friend Vince Garvey was the man relaying the message. Our topic was about idolatry, arguably the most manipulative evil that our hearts can embrace. One of the scary truths about idolatry is this; we are so materialistically, relationally and insecurely consumed by idols and they have become tangled so deeply into our personal make-up that we completely deny their existence.

An idol is when a “good” thing becomes a God thing. This happens when we elevate something or someone to an ultimate position above our momentary relationship and communication with God. Saint Paul says idolatry is when we worship the creation above the creator.

There are many good things that are worthy of our attention and pursuit, love, family, children, a house, a vehicle, friendship, ministry, service, music, art, etc… All of these things are good things until we make them the pursuit of our happiness then they become as evil as the heart that desires them. Hundreds of times in my life I have justified my pursuit of creation over the praise of the creator, all because I was pursuing a “good” thing. Since hearing the sermon last night I have really been pondering this idea and trying to honestly and truly identify my idols. Here they are, for your enjoyment.

  • Myself –I put so much thought into trying to become a “better” version of myself everyday that I often forget to ask the One who created me to help in my transformation, and that it would be for His glory.
  • Being poor – In contrast to a percentage of our society, I idolize the idea of not having a big house, nice cars or unnecessary amount of toys. Rather than asking God to grow me in maturity, responsibility and self-control, I have just said, “I don’t care about money”. This is a horribly immature way to live because it requires nothing but passive thought.
  • “Loving” people – I truly love people, the general flow of humanity is so intriguing and heartbreaking to me that I form a majority of my goals around the idea of helping and providing something for people that they may or may not have.
  • Vulnerability – This is a hard pill to swallow; I believe God has given me a strong and willing heart that can handle the pain and agony that life throws my way as well as share that pain with you in hopes that you don’t feel alone. There are times, however, that I pride myself on my willingness to be an open book with no front or back cover and I have become just a series of pages tossed by the winds of life. I elevate this above God at times because rather than sharing the gospel and saving, healing grace of God, I share my story and elements of it.
  • Being Loved – There is no better tangible, earthly feeling than to know that I am loved. I have sacrificed many parts of my self and the conviction that is placed on my heart to pursue this feeling. From social networking to old patterns of living the “single” life all the way through to committed relationships, I would and have dismissed time for God and exchange it for time with someone or checking my facebook or my blog stats etc…

Out of all of these, feeling loved is the idol that I am trying to murder. I am easily heartbroken and my

Insecurities often put me in a place to think that someone else is probably more important or loved in the lives of people that I pursue. God, pull my heart to you, please give me the strength to be fully satisfied and confident in the man that you have made me so that I would not seek anyone above You.

Take a few moments, days, months to really dissect your heart and pin-point your idols, once you have found them, call them what they are… I love you all, as much as I know how and I hope that me laying my heart out is helpful and beneficial to your growth.


One thought on “An Idol Pursuit

  1. I’m sitting here thinking of a million different things I have to say on this topic. I’ve been listening to Matt Chandler’s sermons on Ecclesiastes – one of my favorite books. Although I don’t recall idols or idolatry being mentioned once, that’s what the book is about.

    Ecclesiastes, in short, says that everything on Earth is good. However, without God, it is all meaningless. When Solomon pursued fun, women, wealth, power, wisdom, etc, he found that apart from God, they could not bring satisfaction. When you turn your eyes from God, whatever you look at is an idol.

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