Individuality Unveiled.

You are someone special.

You are more individual than your attempt at creating a “new style” could ever make you.
You have gifts that I do not have.
You were created, specifically.
The above statement inherently means that your life could have purpose.

The previous statement, which references the “above” statement means, the reason you don’t feel like you are doing what you were “designed”, “called”, “destined” to do is because you don’t believe that you‘re capable of doing it. It is a wicked little web that we weave isn’t it. It’s as if we map out and prepare for our own fate yet blame someone else that we are not longer alive. Before I take this any further, I just want to make sure that you‘re with me…

You are worth loving.
You are worth protecting and respecting your body and the emotional state that we often refer to as the heart.
You will change the world either positively or negatively depending on how you treat everyone that you come in contact with [think of the affect that one penny has on an entire pool, it may not create a surf-able wave, however the water moves in all directions.

You, yes you the one who is reading this thinking, “is he talking to me? he can’t be; he doesn’t know…” There are a lot of things that I do not know [a lot], and so you on some level you are right in the thought that I do not know you, but I do. I know you because most of the time my computer screen serves double duty as a mirror, so when I say, “you” I am also speaking to my reflection. Our inherent sin nature [disobedience to God and rebellion to the original design], coupled with American culture is enough to make the most creative and talented people I know consider hanging up the truth about who they are like a coat on a rack. By this I am talking about the specific traits that you possess, from physical traits that no one can match [not one single human being to ever live has looked exactly like you] to emotional traits and through to our  natural skills. This next statement needs its own line…

There has never been another you, again… yes, I am speaking to you.

I hope this gets you excited!! It stinkin’ fires me up to know that there has never been another individual to ever walk the face of the planet who looks like me, walks like me, talks like me, feels like me or is gifted like me that has been all wrapped up in one package the way that I am. And the same goes for you, America does it’s absolute best to erase your individuality by telling you to create a sense of individuality where really there will always be someone else who has your “style” but there can never be another who is styled like you.

Define you.
Expose the world to you [in a G rated fashion of course].
Figure out how. Finally begin. Recklessly continue to LOVE you.

There are thousands of dots that need to be connected through out the course of our lives, there are a fairly large number of those dots that have been connected over the years, however, the ones that are missing are vital to the outcome. Begin the process of connecting the dots from your past to your present and on into your future; if you don’t connect the dots, you will never see the whole picture.

Respect you in order to respect other people.
Spend time getting to know you so you can get time getting to know other people.
Identify where you excel so you can encourage others when they do.
Lastly, seek out the One who purposefully designed you, the questions that you may have about who you are can surely be found in a communicative relationship with Him.

One of the most interesting aspects of the level of our insecurities is that I used the word “you” fifty-nine times through out this post and there will still be individuals who walk away thinking that I was speaking to someone else.


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