Responding To…

Let’s start by talking about the idea of responding; I believe that we respond to every situation. Although may not respond well that does not negate the act of responding. For instance, imagine the last time someone tried to speak to you and you purposefully ignored them… There is a chance that something inside of you said, “I am not talking [responding] to them!” Although you might argue you didn’t respond, the choice to ignore someone is your response!

We are faced with millions of opportunities to respond, and it is the very nature of our response that life hinges on. This is true not only actively in day to day grind of life but also spiritually. The last time you heard the name Jesus, how did you respond? The last time someone mistreated you, how did you respond? The last time someone loved you, how did you respond? One aspect of response that is very interesting to me is this: our response or even the life experiences that evoke each individual response does not do anything for what may [or may not be] true about the given situation. For instance, if your initial response to Jesus is to get defensive and reject Him or the conversation, that doesn’t change the truth of Jesus’ existence and deity. I would also like to acknowledge that it doesn’t cancel out the pain that you may have experienced by someone who does [claim to] follow Jesus.

The fact that we respond is inevitable, the way in which we respond important. If your inclination is to respond negatively, take some time to figure out why. If you don’t journal, I would highly recommend it! Buy a paper journal that fits your style and personality or start a folder on your computer that is dedicated to “journal” entries, or do both. If your inclination is to respond positively because of pressure or ill motive, take some time to figure out why. Lastly, if you respond well, take some time to figure out why. Ultimately, this is an extremely broad idea due to the fact that it is a blog and not the chapter of a book, but I think you will be able to self-evaluate in enough depth to determine if you typically respond negatively, positively or with a façade. When you figure out the why behind your response, then determine if your response is justified or not. If it is not justified, search for the pain that causes this reaction.

I don’t always respond well, not responding well for me often times includes a façade. This happens because I don’t like people to think that I don’t appreciate them, love them, believe in them, etc… So, there are times that I respond in a way that seems positive however inside I may have a couple other things I’d like to say. I am this way because I am a people pleaser and there was a point where I would want to be “liked”, no matter the cost. This makes my thought process very tricky because I strive for my intentions to line up with my actions, a pursuit that I have not always held with high esteem.

Thanks for reading.


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