Advocacy vs. Action

Love is not the movement, it is the sales pitch.

Love has been deactivated and over commercialized for the sake of attention, good press and individual reputation. It is more popular today than ever to be “love”, if only we understood what it meant to actually be love to someone. 

The hippies had peace.
The hipsters have love. 

There is an organization called ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’, that has provided awareness for depress, addiction and self harm. A piece of their awareness campaign was to sell t-shirts, a wonderful marketing plan that has moved well over 200,000 t-shirts to individuals who aren’t old enough to pay for the shirt with their own credit card. More than 200,000 people walking around with shirts that say Love, or Love is the Movement and my question is, do the people who sport these articles as accessories actually believe in what they wear?

Does Love move them, or does it simply shift attention to them? And if Love is our “movement” where do we learn how to move? Does the infidelity that we have seen between our parents display this kind of life style? How about judgmental fundamentalism, does that teach us how to really love people? Maybe it is the boyfriend or girlfriend that continually told you they loved you while sleeping with someone else, abusing you, exploiting you or manipulating and using you?

Chances are, we have not been given a very good example of what it means to offer love to someone, or to receive it for that matter. There is no real good place to look on this crazy marble that we live on to find love, our homes fail, our churches fail, our schools fail and our relationships fail, however, love does not fail. There is one example, just one true example of what it means to love and that example is [drum roll please]…

Love is a sacrifice as well as sacrificial.
Love is not doing something in order to get a return on your action.
Love is pure.
Love is honest [especially when it is hard, embarrassing, or painful].
Love is not a slogan, campaign or marketing strategy.
Love is transforming.

The most ironic part about this is my involvement with the word… it is tattooed on my left hand, it is on my business card and it is part of the name of my organization. Some would say that I am guilty of the very idea that I am coming against… and although that is probably true, the reason that the word Love is all over everything that I do is because it is a reminder to me that I am actually responsible to live that way.

If you advocate Love, L!VELOVE!


One thought on “Advocacy vs. Action

  1. You used one of my friends favorite words “transformation”. LOL. That is a awesome word. Anyhow i once again agree with you on this love issue. As a matter of fact the other night in small group the discussion came up about LOVE. To tell you the truth we (humans) abuse and mis-use this word and throw it around as a slogan. To love someone, i mean truly love someone unconditonally is something that goes beyond our understanding. What i mean is this, what we perceive to be love really is not love at all compared to the love that Jesus has shown us all. To understand what love is and how to love someone we must understand His ways. I am interested to see when me and you will share two different opinions on a topic, that’s how we grow right?

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