It is fairly obvious that I am an advocate of self-improvement, my obsession with personal growth and development may be intense and unhealthy, but it is the path I have chosen. In my personal experiences and the lives of others I have learned one thing, time won’t heal shit, but it will hide as much of it as you can pile on!  A house never got built by setting all of the materials on an empty lot and giving it time. A surgery was never completed by doctors and nurses just watching a patient lay on a bed surrounded by machines and instruments. I really think it’s interesting how much emphasis was placed on the word “defined” in my last couple of blog posts and how little emphasis was put on to the process. Myself and my new friend Marcus “Murph” Murphy are in the process of creating a process of encouragement for the people whom we come in contact having an opportunity to at least understand their potential.

Here is the basic layout of our process [the current alliteration is subject to change]:

  • Escape
  • Expose
  • Evolve

It intrigues me that I see things like this in the form of a math problem, however, I would probably not even be able to complete the kind of math problem that this resembles. Now, put yourself back into your sophomore year of high school or seventh grade if you learned math at a normal pace. Now that you’re back into your pre-teen/teen years, think of a long division problem. There are multiple steps to completing one of these mathematical nightmares and if you missed one step, or miscalculated one step, the entire problem is shambles. I guess this is true with any math problem really, long division is just where my brain took this one. Anyway, our stories are very similar to reaching the correct outcome of this equation. When we take short cuts or don’t spend time really digging to the core of the problem step by step by step then we end up with an answer, and although it is an incorrect answer, we are surprisingly satisfied that we have reached an answer nonetheless. Your health, the health of your children and the continuation of your family tree is dependent on you taking this life and your story very seriously.

I want to reassure all of you that I am not momentarily defined and identified by the pain, however, if I don’t set an example as someone who is willing to spend time, energy and emotion on dealing w/ the past then my encouragement is meaningless. I continue to live with some of the pain while truly pursuing healing and living in the identity that I have as a child in my new, heavenly family.

I can’t give away all of the secrets behind E3 just yet… I actually hope to meet some of you at our events and then you will be able to experience the depth of change that I am hoping to encourage.

I write these words with the motivation of a love that supersedes any of my ideas, theories or experiences.


One thought on “Escape.Expose.Evolve.

  1. Dennis i would love to come and here some of what you two have planned. I think it will be great, keep me posted and me and some friends will make it a point to come and sit through some of what you wanna speak about.

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