In My Heart of Hearts

This will be the third post that I have started this week, let’s see if I can get all the way through this one.

Throughout my blogging history I have posed this question a couple of times, “who am I?” Typically when I post this question it is for you to answer; I strive to continually be better and grow more and the way I am perceived by the people that I have or do communicate with daily. This time I am asking this question from a mirror’s prospective.

Who Am I?

On your average day, I would say that I am confident, comfortable in my skin and overall living with a clear conscience. Today, I am insecure, not confident and the torment of my thoughts is slowly eating away at my brain. Transition is something that I have become very accustomed to, however, I think most of that has to do with my desire for attention. For example, I used to change the style of my facial hair a few times a month, you know, to keep people guessing. There is a lot of commitment and consistency in my future, all of which I am excited to embrace and oddly enough that is not where this issue stems from. My issues [although great in number] are stemming from a season of doubt. A season that I will not go into much detail about, yet. I am anxious to share a lot of this with Jamie before I share it with you, but don’t worry, your time will come!

  • If you pray, pray for me.
  • If you think, think about me.
  • If you don’t care, ask someone who does to pray for or think about me.
  • If you are in similar season, please share, I’d love to walk this road with others.

Until next time, which will be soon I hope, live with an attitude of love, for the sake of someone else.


Whatchya Think?

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