This One’s For You.

The holidays are kind of like church on Sunday morning.

  • We all of a sudden listen to music that we “love”.
  • We smile and act like don’t have financial problems.
  • We just so happen to like and get along with everyone.
  • We hide the pains from deep family wounds and losses.

Let’s be honest, who really loves Christmas music?? I mean, there might be six people on this entire planet who listen to Christmas music between December, 26th and the fourth Wednesday of November. A large majority of us have incredible financial stresses, whether that be the hardships within a broken economy, the pressure to buy love with an excess of gifts or, daily, weekly and monthly bad spending habits. We might do our best to love the people we encounter but, truthfully, we don’t like all of them and that’s ok. And finally, our pain is real and the situation or loss that has caused such pain is real also.

I spoke to my little brother the other night, December 23rd to be exact and while one the phone with him, I asked if this week was tough emotionally as it is our first Christmas without dad. Starting to choke up while I was on the phone, we ended our conversation and I spent the next 15 – 20 minutes crying on the drive home. We [Jamie and I] arrived at the residence where we will begin our marriage, we sat on the bed and she asked what was on my mind. Floods of memories, thoughts, pains and hurts rushed out of my eyes. My 5’3″, 115 pound fiance held me and just let me cry, I am about 6’2″, 200 pounds and I couldn’t have felt more safe and smothered in love. One of the things that we forget when thinking of expressing our pains is the opportunity that we take away from others who long to extend love and comfort to us. Had my pride stayed on the surface not only would I have robbed myself an honest emotional release but I would have also robbed Jamie of an opportunity to actively love me. I want to encourage you today, on Christmas, when culture tells us to be merry to instead be honest. Cry. Feel. Accept comfort. Tell someone where the pain is coming from. The truth is, you aren’t as tough as you lead people to believe you are, the more people that you fool [including yourself] the more of a liar you become.

Be free today. There is hope for your heart. Jesus has provided comfort and change in my heart that I never could have imagined… It’s not all logic, if God is in fact God then some of it has to be supernatural.

I love you, all! Please know that I am fully understanding of your pain.


5 thoughts on “This One’s For You.

  1. Dennis i know this must be hard for you having to deal with all the emotions that have come with both losses. I just want to extend my love to you. You are and always be like a brother to me, not just a close friend but a real brother. I could not help but to tear up a bit as i was reading through your blog. It hurts me to know that you are hurting. I love you and am so thankful that the LORD has blessed me with the opportunity to call you my brother.


  2. dennis ~ it’s OKAY to cry! i lost a niece and a nephew this year, i’m sure the holidays were very difficult for many of my family members. they will be fondly remembered as will your dad. i’m so glad jamie was there for you, she’s so sweet and caring. sounds like she’s your soulmate. take care, we are all here for you.

  3. Let me tell you…I spent the day “liking ” everyone and everything. Now….It is my time to be and you my friend just gave me permission to be sad and mad and whatever else I want to be. Thank you….your truly are a remarkable young man.

  4. I felt so a lone this Christmas. It was wierd. I am thousands of miles away from my Curch and family. God still is faithfull and blessed me but hearing about your pain makes mine feel better. Mostly that I am not alone.

    • It is always good to hear from you, my friend.

      I am so sorry that you were so far away from family this year, I hope that you still felt loved even if it’s from miles away.

      Keep fighting brother.

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