4 thoughts on “Your opinion matters!!!!

  1. My brother… I love the photo and the background… I would suggest toning down the lens flare on your face just a little bit and then making the logo slightly larger… Great expression though – one of my favorite photos of you.

    Cant wait to see it all over Phoenix and then even up this way in Vegas!!!

  2. I really like it.
    However, my opinion is pretty much like the one above. Although I love the sepia-like tones in the back…I think it’s just too much on your face. I would definitely take that away.
    Although I see that maybe that may have been done in a way to put more focus on the logo than your face…
    I think the logo needs to be increased in size so that it is more dominant.
    Length and positioning is good.
    But I would just try and tone you down a bit more and maybe choose one part of you to stand out. I would suggest the eyes since your hair is dark. Keeping it as-is kind of will make the mind confused and make the eyes busy between going back and forth between you and the logo, and you want only one to be more dominant, which, would be the logo.
    So I would suggest, keep everything the same…blow up the logo quite a bit more…less of the yellow tone to the upper-left part of your face…wash you out a bit, but keep your shirt the same colors…the shirt colors look beautiful…and brighten up your eyes. So that YOU still stand out and are a main part of the picture…but peoples eyes will move to the logo first. Then, it will be perfect. haha Quick photoshopping can have that done in minutes. :o)

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