No, this is not a new Obama campaign [although it would probably be a good one].

In 2007, America spent…

Thirteen billion One hundred forty eight million one hundred ninety two thousand seventy seven DOLLARS

$13,148,192,077 was spent on 11, 456,768 surgical and non-surgical appearance altering procedures across the country.

I am currently sitting at Lux Coffee, an eclectic place comprised of indie kids and professionals alike. In my curious observation of the individuals who were walking in, out and through Lux I was disturbed at how many masks I have been exposed to. I mean, I realize that vanity is a chronic problem in our culture but, this is absurd. I can’t even wrap my brain around a number like $13,148,192,077… the amount of “good” that could be done for the oppressed, struggling and needy is not just life changing rather earth changing. Since 1997 there has been a four-hundred precent increase in the amount of plastic surgery done in America. It is no longer just famous and rich people… it is the cashier at your local grocery store, your math professor, your local barista and you. One of the aspects of this problem that is very disheartening is that young girls don’t even have to watch television or read the tabloids to be influenced to be dissatisfied with their appearance, they simply have to look across their empty dinner table. Empty dinner table? Yes, at the empty seat where their mother should be but isn’t because she’s out acting like a child, again.

I personally think that media is doing an awful injustice to children and adults alike in regards to the manipulation that we all face, however, the problem is now working itself from the inside out… it’s hard to point blame to the media when parents are just as empty.

Our culture isn’t going to let up, any… However, we, as adults have the ability to fight for satisfaction. It would be a beautiful thing if we could look forward to being 40, 50, 60 rather than dreading it and starting a savings account to visually reverse time.

There, my soapbox is now empty, for today 🙂

p.s. here is the link that I gathered my information from http://www.cosmeticplasticsurgerystatistics.com/statistics.html [I obviously failed the “citing” part of english]


One thought on “WEareForCHANGE

  1. I will grow old gracefully and beautifully. I will be proud of my age as I have born 3 amazingly beautiful children and through them one extraordinary grandchild (so far). I will look in the mirror and be amazed that these creatures came from this beautiful being and I will repeat this every day to myself and my grandchild. I must not let the media influence my grandchild as God has already created the most beautiful person (inside and out). I finally agree with you 100%!!!!

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