Hand Washing & Stepping In Pee

A few days ago, I was at a local [Tempe] bar where I saw a man unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants, reach inside of his tighty-whiteys, grab his “package” and put it on display for all of the occupants to see. After this extremely uncomfortable indecent display he then proceeded to hug and [attempt to] high five the people who were with him. As you can imagine, sobriety was not involved in this little adventure but, that isn’t even the point… Think about the following run of events:

Guy fondles his “stuff” [which the previous whereabouts are unknown].

High-fives his friend in a celebratory fashion.

The friend then touches his drink, his money, and maybe even your hand.

You often handle money, shake hands with new acquaintances and have no idea what is left for you.

Here is another scenario… How many times have you used a public restroom either male or female and either been the person who exits without washing their hands or witness such a vulgar display of inconsiderate action? We have all witnessed this. Again, think about what those hands proceed to do throughout the rest of the night… At one point I joked about making stickers to stick on bathroom urinals and stalls that says, “I don’t want to shake your d!#k, wash your hands!”. I still might produce these; I think it’s funny!

You want to throw up right?

Now, I’m not a crazy germ-a-phobe… I actually think I lean towards the other side of that pendulum but, hand washing is possibly the most religious activity that I hold to. I will rarely eat at a restaurant without first taking a trip to the little-boys room to wash my hands, even if their clean…

What caused this random blog post?

Well… I was using the restroom at Cartel and there were three decent size droplets of pee on the floor which I mopped up with the bottom of my shoe before taking care of business. Then I thought about how often I touch my shoes when I take them off, pick gum off of the bottom, etc. which led to a train of dirty handed thoughts…

Wash your hands after your go number one or number two, before you eat or before you serve me food… If in your daily activities you are able to think, “I would not want someone to shake my hand after doing/touching that…” after whatever that is, wash your hands, please.

I have probably just created an OCD hand washer or germ-a-phobe which was not my intention… just be more consciously aware of what you’re touching and what’s touching you.

Have a radical day!!!

And in case you’ve forgotten the steps of proper hand washing, I have included a diagram 😉


4 thoughts on “Hand Washing & Stepping In Pee

  1. ha.


    An unavoidable problem, you alwys get the old inconsiderate person.

    Maybe one day they’ll skip a step and implement d*** shaking, cut out the middle man.


  2. while you are on this train of thought, could you be so kind as to talk to the fellow males at G42. I keep finding the seat up and pee on the seat in the epi centro……gross! ( and trust me , I always do a “are their hands wet” glance when I watch any one come out the restroom….I’m watching you!!! :o)

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