Questions you’d be terrified to answer?!

I’m speaking at a venue called [mission] on Thursday night and the theme is [in the dark] which is a place that we frequently live.

—We are terrified of people being able to read the fine print in our story.

—We tremble at the idea of being exposed for who we really are.

—We get caught in the trap of confabulation.

—We value metaphors and concepts like the representation of the Phoenix but, are unwilling to admit the ruin that has been redeemed.

What is the most terrifying question that you can think of in terms of having to be vulnerable with who you are at the core or just the exposing of your actions??

I would really like your feedback on this because the questions that you would be terrified to answer are the ones that I’m going to answer from the stage through amplified sound.

Thank you for your participation!!!



information about [mission]
Thursday, October 29, 2009 @ 6:30pm – On the campus of New Life Community which is located on 8155 W Thunderbird Rd


2 thoughts on “Questions you’d be terrified to answer?!

    • I am answering the questions that most would assume would terrify me… I have come to grips with honesty and vulnerability, I do not have a problem sharing my dirt however I’d like to know the questions that scare others so I can consider them and see if maybe there is a question that I haven’t thought of. Thank you for your encouragement!

      so, what question[s] terrify you?

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