Oh, where to begin?

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My diligence and commitment to this project has been extremely inconsistent, for that, I apologize! Please, give me an opportunity to explain. The Proverbs as individual pieces of literature are some of the most encouraging, insightful and beautifully written words of all human history. There is a suspicion, however, that as Americans we are [what Solomon would call] a simple people who speak an incredibly simple language. The often times misunderstood beauty of intricacy is much like a coin that falls into the coils of your favorite couch, leaving this coin completely displaced until someone is willing to stab into the fabrics of the sofa and rip the threads apart until the coin is found. The coin is poetic, beautiful, diligent, long suffering, knowledgeable, obedient, rich in spirit and this is fulfilled in the wisdom that is found in the coin.

v. 33 of Chapter 15 says this:
The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom,
and humility comes before honor.

On Sunday at Praxis Church our Pastor, Justin Anderson spoke out of mark as we are in a continuing series of the book. We discussed the story of the rich young ruler who asks what he must do to experience eternal life. He first boasts of his obedience to the rules and laws of his religion, he then flees the presence of Jesus when his question is answered. “Go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Justin concluded his sermon with this question, what/who do we worship in such a way that Jesus would tell us to “go and sell, throw away or leave” so that we might be able to follow him?

My confession. There are aspects of numerous happenings that would benefit my ability to follow Jesus with all of my time and energy, however, some of them are healthy and necessary.


Who/What is in your way of following Jesus and pursuing wisdom and correction?

Because I have chosen over the years to be honest with you, I would appreciate to be let into some of your hearts and to stay on the subject of honesty, I am very displeased with this blog. But, here are my 2 cents

Take em or leave em

Take em or leave em

dennis alan gable jr.


2 thoughts on “Oh, where to begin?

  1. Dennis, I read your blog everyday and I soak it all in. I know you want feedback and most times I don’t know what to say. Your words leave me with a feeling of….the need to think and come back to reality. You are an amazing writer who has endless possibilities in your life. Keep going with this. Trust me….you are changing lives. I know you have an affect on mine:) Know….even when there is no comment….we are here and we are listening…I know I am

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